Sunday, September 4, 2016

He's Home!

While on his way on the plane, Cameron's parents got a surprise message and pictures.

"Guess who I'm sitting by?!? A few more minutes to go! You have an awesome son!"
 Elder and Sister DeBow

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Mom got the first hug. There may have been a few tears shed by both.

Hugs for dad!

Sister Shari

Breanna surprised Cameron by wearing the pillow pants he made years ago.
(Made taking naps in cars more comfortable for him to have a pillow on someone else's lap)

Grandma Thompson

"Finally, tall people!"
Aunt Pam and cousin, Braden
Got to travel home with his first CTM Companion, Elder Grover.
Mom caught him already causing mischief! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A quick note

I will be going to the mission home today to go to the temple tomorrow morning then have lunch with president! I will be coming back to my area on Wednesday morning.

Well I will see you soon but just wanted to say love you guys and super excited to see yall! We baptized a man named Edson this week he is 30 tell you more about him next Tuesday! Love YOUGUYS!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Last letter

Well today will be the last letter that I will be writing home. I know I still have a lot of time but next Monday because of the distance of my area I will have to get a bus the whole day and the next Monday I will be on a plane so this is probably my last letter that I write unless next Monday I send email super early! crazy!

This Last week was great

Well hoped you liked my last email I really thought a lot about it to make it a good one.

have a great next 2 weeks!

We went hiking today!

Here is another picture from last week's baptism 

Monday, August 8, 2016

It happened!

Yeah it finally happened! Our investigator Jucelio was baptized! He is one of those people that you look at and just know that he will stay firm! He is super cool, the church that he and his family came from has a rule that they can't visit other churches but he is telling his whole family to go and visit the church with him! The majority of them wouldn't because of their church but he was able to bring his mom and his brother! I am so happy that he finally was able to be baptized!

Other then him we are still working with that family. The mom, Patricia, is so great, she said that she now knows she needs to be baptized again and she is 100% ok with it! I am a little sad because I probably won't be able to see the baptism though because they need to get married first and marriage here in Brazil takes 30 days!!! UGH Her daughter Julia on other hand will be baptized or this or the next week. There are a lot of clicks in the ward and because of that she doesn't feel very comfortable but instead of complaining she just invited more of her friends to go with her to not be alone! What a great way to resolve that problem!

We have an investigator that is named Ingrid that her parents are pastors so that is CRAZY! She has a super firm testimony though. She will be baptized on the 23rd, we did her interview this morning and she passed just fine!

That's all I have for now. Have a great week! #sonobaptize!

Monday, August 1, 2016

This week was very amazing!

This week was very amazing! 

We have been working a lot with a family of 5 people this last week that are just so great! We first taught them on teusday and the mom of the family, Patricia has already read the whole Book of Mormon!!! The only problem is that she and her husband need to get married. They all went to church alone this last Sunday we didn't even have to go pick them up, they even got there early! They are super elect! 

Hey so funny story, I have had an ingrown toenail for a while now and have been post poning taking it out because it hurts a lot to take it out! A member of our ward heard about that and every day this last week she has been trying to catch me to take it out for me but I would always avoid it. She is smarter then I am though. At church she said to me, today is the day. Don't get me wrong I wanted her to take it out but I just wasn't excited for the pain. She brought all the equipment to church so I couldn't run away anymore. After much sweating of pain she took it out and now it feels a lot better!

So I am a little freaking out because my plane ticket was bought! My companion tells me that I am the less trunky Elder that he has seen so that is good. I am nervous to start real life but also super excited!

Well sorry I don't have much to say. I am guessing that the next few weeks I am going to write really small letters....

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ahh time is running out!

Ahh time is running out! 

I am starting to register for school classes and because of that it is starting to feel really real that I go home here soon. I am not going to lie I think I am more scared than excited. The mission isn't easy but I know what I have to do every day. At home I will have CHOICES and choices can go wrong! Ahh I am kinda freaking out! Okay I will stop ranting now and get back to the mission...

So my new companion is super cool. He is trunky and still has 8 months left on the mission so that isn't helping much. He always is saying wow you are so lucky you will go home here in 5 weeks. It is a complicated situation. His name is Elder (Adrian) Lira, he is super excited. It should be a good end of the mission with him. The only problem is that when he got here he was out of money to pay for the bus and doesn't have personal money so long story short I am running out of money! I will ask the mission to pay me back though. 

Those adolescents that were baptized 2 weeks ago were able to pass the sacrament this last week! It made me so happy to see that! 

We are working a bunch with this man named Joselio he is super great! He loves the church and has been going for over 4 months now! He is afraid to get baptized because he is afraid he will not stay firm. We are working a lot with him. Please pray for him, he is super good just is missing that little bit of faith to trust that God will help him.
I had an interview with president Farnes this last week it was good, he told me wow your mission is running out, use the rest of time with wisdom and that's about it. It was a really fast interview.

Wow sorry but I don't have much to say this week sorry love you all, have a great week!