Monday, January 26, 2015

a great invention called laundry softener

This last week, I found a great invention called laundry softener. Man that stuff just makes your clothes feel like feathers, it´s great stuff. I also found bleach stuff for shirts so now they should stop yellowing, let´s pray for that... This last week we were walking through a supermarket parking lot and I saw a couple parking lot guards, I then said man I don´t see why they really need those then we turned a corner and almost ran into a guy picking a trunk with a paperclip. As soon as he saw us he booked it. Man that made for a good story.

On Thursday my companion had a sick day. I don´t know how sick he really was, he didn´t seem that sick but we couldn´t go out he said. It was good though because it gave me the opportunity to clean the house and to study a lot extra... 
We had a zone conference this last Friday and it was pretty cool. We were able to watch Meet the Mormons and it was pretty good. It was less cool in Portuguese because I had to pay close attention to understand it. During lunch there president decided to come and sit next to me and the first thing he asked was what do you not like about the mission and what is the hardest thing for you. It was very unexpected and it made me freak out a little on the inside. I told him I don´t love waking up at 6:30 and the hardest part is the language. I think those answers worked because then we just started talking about jobs. That man is has more then one billion dollars he sold some diabetic company for .7 billion dollars and has 20ish more companies and then just buys and sells companies as a hobby. Man I wish I could do that.
We got 6 new workouts that we are supposed to do one for every day. They are the BYU football team workouts and man they are so hard. At the last like 10 min of the workout I am just crying with my companion as we finish. They are awesome except they just make it so you loose use of your legs... My legs right now are on fire, like the rest of me is sore and all, but man my legs feel like jello made from lava. 
This last week was hard but better, sorry I don´t have any wonderful stories to tell you all this week I will work for a good one next week.
   Your favorite Elder Messick

Monday, January 19, 2015

esta última semana fui ótimo!

esta última semana fui ótimo!

so this last week actually was a little hard but oh well. We had so many people fall through. These two people named maria and maria (nice they had the same name so I could actually remember) these people were accepting our message super well, they were super excited to get baptized and everything. This last Sunday they called us at like 8:30 in the morning and told us that they don´t want to go to church or anything they don´t want to see us anymore. Man I don´t cry a lot but there was a little bit that escaped my eye when I heard that. Right after that we just ran to their house and they saw us and told us to leave. We are going to go back again tomorrow, we will see what happens. You know I thought it was going to be the hardest part to baptize people but no it´s just to get them to come to church.
I don´t want to talk a lot about this last week because it all just was very hard but through all of the praying and fasting God helped us. 
We went to some guys house that we haven´t seen forever, I don´t know why we went there because he is super not interested but it just felt right. His neighbor came out and looked super sad. He called us over. He told us oh that guy isn´t home and we asked to come in and say a prayer with him. We went in and taught him that God loves him, not even a lesson just how much God loves him. He then told us he was praying to God for help and felt like God wasn´t listening. This guy if you saw him on the street you would not think he is that good of a guy, but man this guy has so much love in his heart. That lesson was just the most spiritual lesson I have ever been in. OH his name is Edivaldo.
We also had an activity today that was super fun. The four people in our house ran the activity and it went perfect. We had a scavenger hunt and at each place there was a scripture that they they would have to find the next spot. After they got all 9 slips they could start a maze that we made and they were blindfolded being led by the other teammates to a table that had 7 keys and only one was right they had to work the way back out of the maze and they looked up a scripture on the key that said baptized by wrong authority or the baptism prayer then in the baptismal font we had a chair with candy on it. It was super fun.
That´s all for this week sorry mom if this is too short for you I could try to add some more stuff. oh random thought i started the BOM again and 1 nephi 6 verse something says you have no clue what you are doing just fowling the spirit, yeah that is my life...
BYE! love you all

Monday, January 12, 2015

Brazilian culture is still getting me in trouble

so the bishop of our ward complained to me that i don´t write long enough emails. Well to tell you the truth I don´t think that is going to change so sorry family. It was exciting getting a package full of food and shoes from him.

Oh so another example of how everyone thinks Breanna is beautiful. Bishop's son told me how beautiful he thinks she is but the only problem is she is a little to tall and young. Its just funny everyone says that. So Breanna, I guess after 3 tries with other kids dad and mom figured it out.

Brazilian culture is still getting me in trouble. I always do things wrong and i guess it is rude, like the other day I didn´t shake the hand of the head of the house first and it was just weird. Oh and they just call people fat and people don´t get offended here, it is amazing. It kinda sucks also though because people are like wow your accent sucks. 
I finally went out and bought some food so I won´t be super hungry. Now for breakfast I eat plain oats and popcorn. The two cheapest things there are. we had some frozen strawberries that i added to the oats and umm it was good but i cut my finger while cutting the strawberries and didn´t realize it because of all of the red juice so i got some blood in the oatmeal as well. I figure it just adds some extra flavor.
This last week president told us all in the mission that we each needed to mark 10 dates this last week and I thought no way but i guess president knows what he is talking about so lets go. This last week was just a week of miracles. (other then the fact i almost cut my finger off)
So we found the coolest investigators this last week, two of them, Mary and Mary, (that is a super popular name) work in the catholic church but they were like yeah i guess that is true our baptism is not true. She then came to church and just ran up to us and said this church is true now i know i want to be baptized. This also happened with one other lady named Isabel she is super afraid of her husband and won´t let us talk to him so we only talk when he is gone, because of this she only went to the first hour of church but we went and talked to her after and she also told us she knew it was true and wanted to be baptized and she would tell her husband and if he doesn´t like it she will just divorce him. She is so cool I love talking to her. 
This challenge thing kinda made our week so we only worked for 5 days because 2 days were filled with interviews. I am happy to say that we still marked 12 dates. As a mission we marked 1800 dates so that is crazy considering we only have 100 and the usual is only like 400. 
It´s annoying, I always think of stuff to say while emailing during the week but when the time comes to email I just break under pressure and forget everything, so sorry about that.

Just remember Breanna, that even though all the boys think you are super good looking you don´t have to kiss any of them. hint hint...

love you all! talk to ya next week


Monday, January 5, 2015

Man this last week was crazy.

Man this last week was crazy. 

Tuesday: we went on a division today and I was with my area with Elder Montero. This kid is super cool. We went to a ton of people and just threw down the gospel at them, it was probably one of my funnest days I have had in a long time. He wanted McDonalds so we went there and he bought me a Big Mac meal, I haven´t had something like that forever, it was nice. This kid also only speaks Portuguese which is good and I learned so much just from talking all day with him! 

Wednesday: so today our lunch wasn´t until 4 which kinda sucked. We ate at this guy in our ward who´s name is Wilson. He is so crazy, I will tell you why. It took like 2.5 hours to leave because when we got there he was like oh crap I forgot to buy soda, so he ran to the store which wasn´t close and we were all just there sitting in his house. He then after we ate told us a story of how God showed him his throne and heaven in a vision he had and described to us what heaven looked like and told us that God´s hand is super warm to touch. He tells us he hangs out with him sometimes.

Thursday: We met this lady named Silvania and her daughter Bia. I love them so dang much. On Thursday they made us a fish dinner which was not cheap. They love us so much but they won´t go to Church. She is like oh it is so early, I am not going to wake up. as of today she promised she would go in at least 2 weeks. She is so fun to teach and talk to, we usually end up laughing at the end of every lesson because of some sassy comment she makes.

FridayFriday kinda sucked not going to lie. I did a division with Elder Flores a kid from another district. we did it in his area so I didn´t know a lot to do. We didn´t even start doing stuff until like 3, it was so annoying. 

Sabado: today really only one cool thing happened, I don´t usually share these kind of experiences but it was super cool how it worked out, so I will. Us four who I house with were walking home from a lunch apt and some crazy guy with a huge pole was following us and yelling not so good things at us. He started to run up to us getting ready to hit us, and another elder just said keep walking. Some car of a random guy came up and stopped him and got out and took him down. He then waved to us and said oh have a good day, I have never seen him before but he is amazing. It is crazy how we are protected since we are doing what we are supposed to. 

Oh I forgot to talk about new years. New years here is so dang big. from about 11:30-1:00 there were constant fireworks going off. It is kinda funny because every type of firework is illegal here. I think i saw more fireworks in 10 min then i have seen in my whole life. 

Jan 1 the drunk guy who lives on our street was outside singing with his friend i think the song he was singing was called F you, It is very repetitive, I was not the biggest fan. The song was like 3 hours long and for some reason when he sang it he just walked in circles. 

Overall a super good week! love you all!

oh i forgot the best part. We found real milk this week! It is called milk from cow. huh sounds weird in english... It is like strait from a cow, it has a top layer of cream and fat stuff. We also made eggnog this last week. It is so good! I am pretty pro at making that stuff now!

vandalism used to be a garbage can...

making cookies

Hey that´s talking about me!