Monday, July 27, 2015

at times I get a little trunky

Man so at times I get a little trunky and on Sunday I got a little trunky. So I went to another area that is super nice. Like I am use to these Brazilian style houses but we went to a super rich part and it was just like walking around Utah again. Man I forgot how nice it is to walk on a nice street with nice houses with a lawn without garbage everywhere. Man I got a little trunky but I will stop talking about that now to forget about it again.

Man so this last week I got super sick and that kinda messed up my week. My body got confused and instead of food going in the mouth it was coming out, silly body of mine. 

We still had a baptism but it was one that a less active came back and was like hey teach my kid and baptize him. So we did, his name is Caio. He is 10 years old. Man he was so dang excited. It is super cool to see and hear the faith of a young kid. They are so pure and amazing.

Sunday some guy asked us to give a summary of what we do to a "couple" people (it was all the bishops of the whole stake) man I sure am glad I prepared before but sad because my comp was sick so I did a division to go. Pretty much I felt like I was giving a lesson to people that were older and more experienced then me, I did not like it at all. 

So yeah that is all for this week! Love ya all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Man this last week was just so dang spiritual!


Man this last week was just so dang spiritual!

So Elder Rebouças is awesome he reminds me a lot of my friend I worked with at the pool! We have so much fun together and at the same time do so much!

So this last week was my birthday and I will tell you what, 19 feels a whole lot like 18. I am happy that I can say that I am 19 years old now so I can sound a little older.

So we did a division on Friday night and I slept over and Saturday super early in the morning my awesome comp. called me and wished me happy birthday, he said "haha I had to be the first", man he is funny. So for my birthday we decided what better way to spend it then baptizing.

So the family of Sergio, Karine, Stephanie, and Mariana were baptized and one other girl named Marcely. It was so cool because everything just went so well for the baptism. Marcely´s mom (who was a less active) made me this super awesome chocolate cake I was only sad that I had to share it...  So it was probably one of the best days that I have ever had on my mission!

I just love everyone in this ward. Sunday bishop stood up in sacrament meeting and said to everyone, hey I know we have had some missionaries that weren't all that good but I testify that these missionaries are some of the best missionaries that have passed through this ward and you should all help them out with whatever they need. He pretty much gave a testimony about us. That night we got so many referrals!

Well that´s pretty much all the excitement for this week. love you all miss you all but don´t worry I am not too trunky.

Beijo na rosta!
Élder Messick!

Monday, July 13, 2015

These last couple days have just been flying by!

Man these last couple days I feel like have just been flying by. We seriously don´t have any free time. We are spending all of our time planning. It's funny though It seems like the more time you sacrifice the more miracles we have. 

So this last week we continued helping this family that was planning to get baptized this last Sunday, but long story short they were super excited but their son that is like 6´10´´ and huge came home and told us he would help us see God real soon if we took them to church with us. We decided that it was better to give it a couple weeks to see if he leaves before we go back there. It is a real shame how Satan works with the mind of some people. 

It is very cool though how amazing God is though. We were blessed this last week with a family that has been going to a different ward that doesn´t even have missionaries for the past few weeks and loved it. We went there and the mom said how she has been praying for help for a long time and when she saw us she knew we had what she needed. They all went to church this last week and are super excited to get baptized this Saturday and then go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Seriously an elect family. Oh names mom-Mariana daughters- Karina and Stephanie son- Sergio.

We also were just walking to an appointment super rushed and we passed this lady and didn´t even say anything to her but then my comp, bless him, said hey did you want to talk to her and I said lets go. She is a member already but was baptized like 8 years ago. She said she lost her faith and said, ok God today you send messengers or you don´t exist and then we showed up. She said she would return to church and that she wants us to teach her daughter Marcely as well. Her daughter is super cool, she reminds me a lot of Breanna!
So yeah lesson I learned this last week is that a lot of times when everything just falls through, God is just testing you to see if you are going to keep on trying or just give up. I feel like the mission is like a life training camp, I just love it.

Well love you all have a super great week!

(so hey sorry this internet won´t let me send pics, so here in like 3 months I will just have to send like a ton but don't worry I will keep on trying to figure out how I can send them)

Monday, July 6, 2015

So much to say so much to do

Man has a ton happened this last week I don´t even know where to start. Ok so I thought a little and I decided I would just start at the beginning of the week, I think that makes sense to me.

So yeah Monday yeah we had a super long lesson with this kid that used to have lessons with the missionaries and went to church for like 6 months but his mom wouldn´t let him get baptized but now he is 18 years of age! His name is Leandro, he reminds me of a great friend of mine Nathan Dawson. Man it really made me miss him when I was talking with Leandro. Yeah, so this kid is awesome and seriously elect. He was baptized this week and in one year, will go on a mission.

So yeah we were focusing a ton on this family of 4. Hudimille (son) Ludmilla (daughter) Adriana (mom) and Roberto (dad). So yeah they are awesome and Ludmilla has been to church a bunch of times with us and was baptized this Saturday. Because of a fast we did, the rest of the family opened up and accepted the spirit to touch their hearts and accepted to be baptized as well but they need to go to church a couple times first. So yeah this is a super cool family and I love them so dang much. 

So yeah now for the fun stuff. So Saturday morning the assistants called me and said, hey so you are going to be emergency transferred yeah... So we had to do a division with the members, one to stay with me and pack and the other to prepare everything for the baptism and get the investigators. The member that stayed with me is awesome, he is our ward mission leader. He is like my grandpa here, I love this man. He was tearing up because I was leaving and it made me feel very loved. So yeah well after packing up we ran to the chapel to do the baptisms and then went to the escritorio to switch comps. 

So my new comp´s name is Elder Rebouças he is also from Fortaleza. He is super awesome and loves to work hard. Oh yeah I forgot I got made zone leader with him, ooh. I don´t feel very ready for that but oh well I guess I will learn now... everyone is a little jealous because I am super new and already zone leader but it seems like everyone will be supportive. Our zone is kinda in a hole because the last ZL did nothing (that´s why the transfer happened) So president called and said oh elder Messick, I trust that you can really help this Zone out, they are really needing it. So yeah I am a little stressed about what to do to help them out but I know I will really need the spirit to help guide me. 

Well that´s all for this week sorry this email was kinda all over the place I kinda just threw up all my thoughts all at one time and this is how it came out. 

Well love you all. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Man this last week was a super great week. I just learned so much!

the look of comfort
Man this last week was a super great week. I just learned so much! 

So at the beginning of the week everything was looking great our investigators Matheus, Ana Paula, Ludmilla, and Sara were all progressing super well. 

As always happens Satin decided to come in and work his magic and everyone just started falling. MatheusLudmilla, and Sara because of their parents and Ana Paula because a pastor visited her. 

It was Friday and we had nothing absolutely no one that we thought could be baptized on Saturday, and we had the idea to do a fast so that we could at least have one. So Friday night still didn´t look that good, but we went out super early Saturday morning to find someone. 

So yeah, you guys, fasting has a power and I have a new gained testimony of that power. We first went to the house of Matheus and his mom didn´t want him to do anything before and would never listen to us but today she said hey I don´t know why but I know what you guys have will be good for my son, we are moving to (she gave me the address) and I want you to pass the address of the church there to me so we can continue going there! Man I was just like, what just happened. 

The same with Ludmilla and Sara, but we marked it for next week because we haven´t been able to teach all the lessons yet. Even the mom of Ludmilla who would never even look at us let us teach her and the spirit was just so strong! 

Ana Paula told us her pastor told us we baptize people with fire and that is the only reason she was scared so we straitened that out very easily. 

So this last weekend we had the baptisms of Matheus and Ana Paula but I am kinda sad because we had to do a division on Sunday so I wasn´t able to be there for the Baptism of Ana Paula but oh well I guess. I will just have to get the picture. 


So we had this party at our church this last Saturday at night and it was so cool we got like 10 referrals from that party that are so cool. For that reason I love church activities!

Well that was my adventure for this last love you all so much! 

beijo na rosta Beijo na rosta!