Monday, May 25, 2015

oh man!

Man has this week been full of surprises! 

This last Tuesday was super cool because we went to the temple. It was super good to remember everything and to see the temple again, it feels like so long since I went before! After the temple we had the chance to walk around and man is the temple here beautiful! 

For lunch president brought our zone to a super fancy all you can eat churrasco, man it was super dang good. It was super fun to have lunch with president. After lunch we had the chance to walk around in the stores. I went to the desseret store and bought root beer and Dr pepper and man was it good! We then went to walmart and it was just so dang amazing. I just walked in and it just felt like home! Man I love walmart. There layout just never changes it just was a little part of the United States here in Brazil!

Saturday at night we were at our recent converts house (Daiana) and the assistants called and said Elder Messick you will be emergency transferred to vila maria and finish the training of Elder Gonzalves. Man that was shocking. Daiana and her family after I told them just started crying. I felt good because they like me but also like man this sucks. It was a huge shock first of all I am training and second man emergency transfer that sucks. 

We had the baptism of Rafealon Sunday and I was able to baptize him then right after that we went to the office to switch elders. It sucks because we have 3 people that are firm to be baptized this next week but oh well as long as I get the picture at least. 

My new companion is super cool. He has such a huge desire to work which is awesome. Finally I have someone that wants to work and be obedient. He already teaches super well which is good because I didn´t feel ready to train someone that didn´t know anything. I am super excited for this next transfer I think it is going to be one of the best I have had!
Elder Messick
American breakfast!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Daiana, Yuri and Livia

Man was this last week was really busy. This last week was super crazy because every day we had to knock 80 dang doors and also follow up with Daiana, Yuri, Livia, Andrea, Rafeal, And Isabel . It is kinda super hard to visit all these people and our recent converts and knock 80 doors, It´s crazy. 

So first I will talk a little about our investigator Andrea. She was super cool and kept all the commitments except for going to church. We have been working with her for a while but she won´t go to church because she doesn´t want to leave here huge dog home alone... Because of this I was very sad but we had to drop her as an investigator.

Isabel  is super cool she wasn´t progressing and we had planned to drop her if she didn´t go to church this last Sunday but she went and loved it. She said the spirit was super strong and she liked it a ton so that was great. She has a baptism date marked for this next Sunday and now I think that it will actually happen! Usually when people will at least go to church they will get baptized!

Daiana, Yuri and Livia are a family we found knocking doors and they all went to church with us and all 2 weeks ago. The mom Daiana was super excited for the baptism always but the kids were not wanting it until the interview happened. The daughter Livia wanted to be baptized but wanted to keep it a secret until the baptism itself. So that was a little difficult but we made it happen! They were all three baptized this last Sunday.

I baptized Daiana and Yuri and Elder Sousa baptized Livia. The best part is they brought 4 of their friends to the baptism with them and they all were like next week is my baptism but what sucks is only 1 of the 4 live in our area :(    We went and talked to him this morning his name is Rafeal and he has 17 years. We marked his baptism for this next Sunday and taught about the restoration, it went super well!

This last week, other then the fact that today I am super sick and can´t use my voice, has been super super cool. I love this opportunity I have to be here on this mission!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hiked the Pico Dejaragua

multizone conference
Well I don´t have a ton to say because of mothers day but I hope the 100 pics i sent make up for it. Today was probably one of the best p-days because my mom said she was satisfied this week because of the pics. So now I learned how to make her happy. 

eu e meu comp

The only news that I had was this morning we woke up early and went and hiked the pico dejaragua. It was super cool.

On the way I finally fulfilled a dream of touching a monkey so that was pretty cool. Man it was such a cool hike. It was like walking through the jungle to get up there. 

There was so many of those banana spiders that I had to walk a little ducked down to not get attacked again. When i return home those Utah spiders are going to be nothing.

When I hear shari screaming (while Phil is working of course, other wise he would) I will run to the rescue and smash the spider with my bare hand. 

you got to be careful with these monkeys, they rip your face off you know...

went on a hike today, I guess you could say It was pretty cool. We went to the pico

a different side of the peak

some weird thing

Well that´s all I got to say to yall for this here week. have a super week 

Mother's day

Had a great time Skyping with Cameron on Mother's day

Cameron designed mom's breakfast in bed

Turned out just like he ordered

This cute girl gave Cameron some flowers to give to his mom

She got them on her doorstep on Mother's day and she loves them

Monday, May 4, 2015


playing baseball

So sorry for not creating an  email this last week I ran out of time on my account and didn´t have any more money so this week I will write before I read any of my emails. Man but you don´t know how much I want to read that email that my mom sent me. Oh look Breanna wrote me as well, this week I can tell will be a week of miracles hehehe. Love ya Breanna.

So lets see where to start. Last p-day we went to play base ball, man it was so fun! I haven´t enjoyed baseball so much in my whole life. I think I like playing more here probably because I suck at the sport but who I was playing with is even worse.

We had a conference this last week that was super cool. It helped us a lot. With that talk that I heard I wrote my homecoming talk so yes Bishop I am ready to give that talk. I don´t have a deathly fear of giving talks anymore. 

We had 2 miracles this last week. We have a lady that we have been trying to meet with forever and this last sunday we finaly talked to her! Man this lesson was so dang spiritual and good! She has gone to church a lot in the past and had tons of missionaries talk to her in the past so we marked her date for this weekend. Her name is Gloria and man she is cool. I will send a pic of her all dressed in white this next week.

We have a new rule in our mission that we need to knock 80 doors every freaking day. It sucks but president promised us that if we do it we will have a lot more baptisms. We found a family of 3 names: Dayana, Livia, and Eurie. We met them on saturday they went to church on sundayand LOVED it and really want us to come back and teach them more. They will be super solid! I am super happy how this last week turned out. We as a companionship are getting along a lot better and we are able to have the spirit with us once more.

I know this email is a little short for 2 Weeks but to tell you the truth I will talk to my family in 5 days so I don´t feel too bad at all.


What I saw one morning

didn´t work out very well

2,0 food of a missionary ramen with Doritos

a little of our area 

a popular fruit here a jakafruit 

fire next to a busy street normal right?
Freaking heck I didn´t sign up for this crap man i almost screemed when I saw this
I call it the wasp of satin