Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ahh time is running out!

Ahh time is running out! 

I am starting to register for school classes and because of that it is starting to feel really real that I go home here soon. I am not going to lie I think I am more scared than excited. The mission isn't easy but I know what I have to do every day. At home I will have CHOICES and choices can go wrong! Ahh I am kinda freaking out! Okay I will stop ranting now and get back to the mission...

So my new companion is super cool. He is trunky and still has 8 months left on the mission so that isn't helping much. He always is saying wow you are so lucky you will go home here in 5 weeks. It is a complicated situation. His name is Elder (Adrian) Lira, he is super excited. It should be a good end of the mission with him. The only problem is that when he got here he was out of money to pay for the bus and doesn't have personal money so long story short I am running out of money! I will ask the mission to pay me back though. 

Those adolescents that were baptized 2 weeks ago were able to pass the sacrament this last week! It made me so happy to see that! 

We are working a bunch with this man named Joselio he is super great! He loves the church and has been going for over 4 months now! He is afraid to get baptized because he is afraid he will not stay firm. We are working a lot with him. Please pray for him, he is super good just is missing that little bit of faith to trust that God will help him.
I had an interview with president Farnes this last week it was good, he told me wow your mission is running out, use the rest of time with wisdom and that's about it. It was a really fast interview.

Wow sorry but I don't have much to say this week sorry love you all, have a great week!

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