Monday, February 29, 2016

I've got worms!

Well after a couple of months loosing weight I finally went to the doctor and it turns out that I have a tapeworm!!! AHH! I kinda freaked out a little bit, I had this big worm living inside of me steeling all of my food, that thief! So I bought a super expensive medicine and killed that dang worm! Now I will probably get super fat though! I think I got the worm eating meat that wasn't cooked very well. Not going to lie though, it is a pretty sweet diet plan, you eat a freaking ton and still loose weight haha. 

Other then the worms this week was pretty good. My ear is better, so now I can hear again. 

We dropped the majority of our investigators this last week because they aren't going to church. I think everyone would get baptized and be Mormon if they didn't have to go to church, the problem is laziness.. Lesson #1 laziness is bad. 

I am really liking this zone. Today with a couple other elders we went to the mall. It was super fun but I didn't like it because it made me remember home which is bad!

well that´s all for this week love you all!

Monday, February 22, 2016

This last week was very fun!

This last week was very fun! 
I am really liking Elder Mac, he is super fun! I don´t think he likes me though, when he was sleeping today I tried to paint his toenail with white out, He woke up as I was taking the blanket off his feet and he laughed and said not this time. I felt guilty like a little kid when their mom finds them doing something they aren´t supposed to do ha ha. 
This last week we were working a lot with Junior, our recent convert. He is super awesome! He is going to serve a mission for sure! I love him so much! 
We are trying to work a little more with the less actives to re-activate them and baptize their friends! It is going pretty good, we have a pretty big teaching group so that is good that we usually never are lost with nothing to do. 
I got an ear infection and my comp got a super bad ingrown toenail so we decided after one day of working in pain to go to the hospital, that was this last Thursday but there aren't any good hospitals around here so they just told me to buy some ear drops that still as of now haven´t made any difference and they gave my comp pain medicine. We went to a place that does manicures for my comp and they cut his toenail for him, so yup, that´s right a beauty salon is better then a hospital here in this city... 
well that´s all I have for this week love you all and remember to STUDY the book of Mormon!

Monday, February 15, 2016

When we put God first everything else we need will all work out!

 04-Feb-2016 – Conselho de Liderança, Barueri
I am always in the back #tallproblems

My new companion arrived safe and sound this last Tuesday! His name is Elder Mac, He is from Guatemala! He is a pretty quiet person but is super awesome! He is really funny! He really likes soccer shirts. I am going to re-learn Spanish with him, it is super hard to differentiate Spanish from Portuguese though! 

This last week was super great! On Tuesday at the transfers there were two buses one that brought the missionaries from São Paulo and another that brought the luggage. The only problem is that the one that was bringing the luggage got lost! So we waited and waited and waited a little bit longer until it finally got there. We got home super late so we weren't able to work that day which was a bummer. 

Other then that though the week was great! Cleiton that was baptized a couple weeks ago is super firm in the church! I am super happy for him! He is even inviting all of his friends to go to church as well, he is going to be a great missionary! 

Gilson is going to the Temple this next Saturday again to do baptisms! He said, "this time I want to baptize 15 people though, last time I only got to do 5", I love Gilson he reminds me a lot of my dad. I think that you guys will get to know him as well, he is already learning English and saving up to visit me and my family here in 1 year! So mom, Uh, Here in a year or so there might be a Brazilian living with us or in the motor home for a couple weeks.
I am starting to get good! My leg always hurts after though.

that face of concentration though

Today I did more slack line! I am getting good at it, it was cool as we were doing it today a bunch of kids came up and wanted to try so we took advantage and got all their addresses and told them to go to church! We are doing slack line to try and get a good friendship with the other elders in our zone and because it is super awesome! I started to try and jump today but then I got the impression that I should wait until after the mission to do that in case I fall and break my back.

Well love you all and remember, when we put God first everything else we need will all work out!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Oi Estados Unidos


some shoes that Cleiton's dad gave to me!

I miss cold. I never thought it would be possible to miss something like that but I miss it. I wake up and look at my bed and there is just a sweat mark where I was laying. it is gross. 

It is pretty sweet, when I take my shirt off I have tie tan line and where my name tag is, it is super funny!

I didn´t get transferred so that is sweet but tomorrow I will get a new comp named Elder Mac. 

This last Sunday we had the baptism of Otavio! It was super sweet, his parents felt the spirit super strong and their goal is to get married so they can get baptized as well! Also the baptism of Otavio happened at a youth camping trip!!! We got to baptize Otavio in a swimming pool!!! I am stupid and didn´t take any pics of the pool though. It was super neat though there were like 100 youth and his parents there to watch the baptism. It was one of the best baptisms ever!

our zone!
Well this last week we had leadership council and it was super sweet! I was able to learn a bunch of new stuff with President Farnes. I think it is crazy how much love he has for us! It made me think a lot and I realized that it is a gift that God gives to him, the same that he gives to us missionaries to love our investigators I think it is crazy, you hardly know these people you talk to but you just feel like you need to do everything for them! I was able realize a little better how Christ felt when I was working this last week. I thought man I am paying to walk in the hot sun being spit on having doors been shut in my face just because I am trying to help them. I only have to bare this for 2 years but the savior took it for 33 years! It makes me think, am I being grateful for the sacrifice that the savior made for me or am I shutting the door in his face. I am super grateful for these 2 years that I have to represent Christ and to feel a little of the pain that he felt. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Well this last was super great!

Well this last was super great!

Gabriele was baptized! Her mom is a less active that now is re-activated, the baptismal service was super cool. Gabriele and her mom you could tell were feeling the spirit super strong, that family will be super firm in the church.

This last Saturday we went to the Campinas temple with our recent convert Gilson!!! It was super cool. I was able to have a neat experience where I entered into the baptismal font to baptize my companion then we switched and he baptized me! It was super cool and I was able to feel the spirit a ton! 

we went to the temple with our recent convert Gilson
My comp said we needed to take a picture being serious then he smiles normal!
Our recent convert Cleiton has been passing in his friends house with us and this last week he went to church with us! He is going to be baptized this next Sunday! Cleiton is inviting all of his friends to church and we were able to teach Otavio´s whole family and they said, "who knows Ottavio may convert us all to this church! The youth of this church are amazing! They are the best tool for us missionaries!

Next teusday will be transfers, I am hoping to leave but who knows what will happen. 

Oh the best part of this last week is that our shower got fixed! So now I don´t have to take freezing cold showers in the morning! WOOT WOOT