Monday, August 31, 2015

I feel like I am walking on the waters on this mission!

I feel like I am walking on the waters on this mission!

So I have always heard that a picture is worth more then 1000 words so I sent a bunch of pictures so  that means that my letter is already super big and I don´t have to write as much! 

So my comp Elder Rebouças got transferred to be assistant. I miss that kid, he is awesome. My new comps name is Elder Hunt. He before the mission was a body builder and it sure looks like it as well. He is so dang big! 

elevator pic! with the comp!

So as a zone we broke the mission record for the most baptisms so that is awesome! I am so proud of everyone in the zone they are all finally working! 

one of the paths we walk a lot!
I am getting killed by my comp, He has those rings that you do gymnastics with and he is teaching me how to use them and it is so freaking hard! 

It is crazy that I almost have 1 year on the mission. It doesn´t feel like I have been on the mission for even a month. Time flies! 

You know it´s kinda funny, I have taught over 500 lessons, I´ve contacted over 1000 people but still every day I have to do things that are out of my comfort zone. I feel like the mission changes a lot of things about me and I am learning so much! The mission is super hard at times but I feel like it is making me learn how to be a man. I love the mission and I wouldn´t trade it for anything else. 

Thank you all for all of the love and support you give me!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The adventures of the mission

It is super funny during the week a ton of stuff happens but then when it comes time to type it all my mind just goes blank. 

So this last Sunday one of our members took our house keys to drop something off for us and we totally forgot about that so we walked home to get some stuff to go to a meeting with president and when we got there we were like, crap we don´t have the keys. So I switched my mind to robber mode... yeah that´s right we broke into our own house. So we asked one of the other people to let us in the first two door to get into the apt but then the hard part was getting into our apartment. So we went into the stair well and they have this tiny window that is like super skinny (good thing I am not fat). So we slid through that window and then stood on the ledge of the building and walked over to our window and luckily we left it open. It was a pretty fun adventure that I never want to do again.

So sorry this email will be short my comp got transferred and he is going to be assistant so we have to leave at 5:00 and he hasn´t packed yet so that is all I have for this week.

sorry mom don´t be mad at me. 

Love you!

Monday, August 17, 2015

This last week in our area went soooo well!

This last week in our area went soooo well! 

We had awesome lessons with all of our families this last week. 

There is this one family that is super cool. We were walking in the street one day and saw them playing in the street and me and my comp said we are totally going to baptize all of them, and after many lessons this last Sunday, this dream was made true! They were all baptized and it was so good! The only problem was we didn´t have enough jump suits to get baptized, so bishop (I love him) drove to another ward and got one more to use! 

So I am loving my companion so dang much, he is so cool! He is making me such a better person. I want to stay one more with him but I don´t think it will happen. I think I will stay here and he will leave. 

I am really liking being ZL but this last week it was super stressful. We have a couple missionaries that have a lack of desire to be here on the mission. It has been crazy. We did a ton of divisions with the missionaries in their area and it helped a little but all the people that we find and teach while on the division, they just let fall through. I am getting kida frustrated with them. It makes me think about how God probably feels when he gives us a gift or talent and we just let it go to waste. 

It is really strange sometimes I just start missing random things like this morning I was wanting mac and cheese so bad but oh well. 

The mission is strange but I just love it!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Man it was super neat

Man it was super neat, this last week I went to some meeting with president and I think it was like the best meeting I have ever been to. Usually I think meeting and I think eww how boring but man it was soooooo good! 

President said that we should pay more attention when we pray if we are worthy of what we are asking and it really made me think. It made me laugh a little I didn´t really understand until this morning. We live with two other elders that are not to happy to be here on the mission and they always sleep in and crap like that and before they were leaving they prayed and asked God to help them find new elect investigators and that they could have the spirit to be with them. That was like a punch in the face I remembered what president said and it made me think a lot. I came to the conclusion that we do all we can first to receive help then once we can´t do any more we ask for help. Also that if I am not doing the little things how can I expect God to do big things for me. I thought that was really cool. 

José Carlos
So this last week was super cool. We have been teaching this guy named José Carlos for a super long time and I just love him, he is like a dad to me (don´t worry dad I haven´t replaced you). So he is a guy that has had a super hard life but finally he was able to leave all of his sins behind and be baptized! Man it was such a good baptism. 

That Saturday was crazy. Friday I slept over in another area to do some interviews and then Saturday morning we went to do a couple more then went to lunch in yet another area then went to do a couple interviews in that area as well. So it was about 5:00 and the baptism of José Carlos was marked for 6:00 and man I was freaking out because I was thinking there was no way to get the bus in time to get there. Man you guys, miracles are real. A member passed by us and was like hey elders why are you clear out here do you need a ride. We got there at like 6:10 but at least we weren´t super late. So yup I learned that if the Lord want´s you to do something he will provide a way to do it! 

Man I was thinking and by the end of this transfer I will only have 1 year left. AHHHH time passes so dang fast these last few months. Don´t worry mom I am not trunky but I do always debate who I will hug first when I get off the plane... 

Well love you all! BYE

Monday, August 3, 2015

this letter will be short

Well sorry because this letter will be short. I know you are thinking they are always short but this will probably be even shorter. My time is running out. So this last week we had 2 of our investigators get baptized! I will talk a little about them

Wilson: He has been going to church for 8 years and we went to his house and gave a lesson of fire last week and this week we just taught about coffee because he didn´t want to give it up. He was baptized.

on Saturday and Sunday being testimony meeting everyone bore their testimony about how happy they were that Wilson finally got baptized. It was kinda pathetic but whatever.

Ketlynn: She is a daughter of some lady that moved here from the north about 2 months ago and she didn´t know where the church was. We ran into her out of luck and her daughter was there. She didn´t accept to be baptized so we brought her to Wilson's baptism just to watch and she said yeah that is what I want as well!

Well I feel like I have a ton to say today but I only have 3 minutes left on my computer and am out of money so, sorry more next week I guess. 

Love you all have a super duper week!