Monday, September 21, 2015

I love Barueri!

I put on for my city, I love Barueri! 

So yes as you all probably noticed the last email was not from me it was from my companion but I liked it and it explained what we did way better then I could have so I sent it. I didn´t have time to edit it so it probably had a lot of stuff that said that I did that I really didn´t do.
 Açai- the best icecream that exists! We eat it soooo dang much!

This last week was a tough one. We have been working with 2 big families a ton this last week. We did everything I thought that we should have like bringing members, teaching all the lessons, and having members call them, but when it was time for them to go to church none of them came. Elder Hunt teaches way well and I feel like we have been teaching only by the spirit but then at the last minute it all fell. I don´t know what we did wrong but I won´t let it get us sad, we will keep working and just do even more to not let it happen again.

On the way to the temple!!!

That fake smile though.....

On Tuesday we were able to go to the temple and it was awesome! We were able to go with few people there so it was a lot more peaceful. It was super cool and super spiritual. After the temple we went to a store right next to the temple that sells a bunch of church stuff and american food. Oh man when I walked into that store my eyes were fixed on one thing. They had Gold Fish!! (crackers). You don´t even know how excited I got when I saw that they had gold fish! The closest feeling I can use to explain how I felt is how you feel on Christmas morning. 

A meal fit for the templo

Santa Casa Do Senhor

My companion Elder Hunt in our appartment

I am really liking working with Elder Hunt, we work very well together! This last week was a rough one and we didn't baptize but I really like what our president says and that is "Little Victories Every day" and we had one of those.

We went to pick up our investigators but all of them left or were not wanting to go and this kid named Erik was there that we have taught a tiny bit in the past. We invited him to go to church with us and he said yeah for sure. At church he loved it. It was super funny the teacher asked a question and no one responded and he raised his hand and was like can I respond. He gave a very basic answer because he doesn't know a whole lot yet but man it just made the rest of the class ashamed that they didn't answer. He then asked us if there was any way that he could be baptized that day but unfortunately the area 70 has a rule that they have to go twice so he can´t until next week. I really do like though that when all seems lost and everything falls there is almost always a miracle waiting for you if you continue working.

I love my mission and I love the gospel!

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