Monday, September 7, 2015

Emily kissed me!

My companion Elder Hunt from Las Vegas
some guy that I did the interview of and he wanted to take a pic with me!

So yup like you read in the subject of this email, a girl named Emily kissed me. I do love her though, she is awesome! She is blond she has a lot of hair, she is so obedient, and she loves playing around. When she kissed me it was more of a lick on the whole face and wasn´t all that nice. Oh I forgot to say she is a dog hehe

Seriously though we are teaching this family of 4 and they are so dang cool and they are progressing so well! They were all firm in a different church but then they said that after we taught the Restoration they never believed in theirs anymore! So yeah the church is true. Anyways they all have a strong testimony of the church they even bring their friends to church they just don´t want to get baptized because they say they feel bad changing religion so fast, ugh! 

They have this dog named Emily that I love so dang much! When ever I come over it always runs up to me and then just waits for me to try and attack her. I love it, but yesterday she surprise kissed me and it wasn´t the best surprise ever.

So yeah we also had the baptism of Larissa a single mom we have been working with for ever trying to help her to stop using drugs and finally she did it so she was able to get baptized! She is super cool she has had such a rough life but had enough desire and drive that she was able to over come her addictions she was having!

That´s all I got for this week Love you all!

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