Monday, October 26, 2015

God Is helping me to learn patience.

Not going to lie, when I got my call to come here to Brasil, I thought that I would eat a bunch of weird nasty foods but I was wrong the food here is very normal. The other day I had the first lunch that made me a little hesitant to eat. We had cow liver. It wasn´t that bad at first but then as I was cutting it I cut into this vein and you could just see all the dry blood but I just ate it and said that it was good.

So on Sunday I had a funny experience. So I don´t know what it was but it must have been something we ate because about 2 hours after lunch my comp and I were in need of a bathroom and fast. So our area is freaking huge and were we were at there was nothing around but a big church called "show da " (the show of faith). We decided it was our only hope so we went and talked to the guy by the door and asked if we could use the bathroom. Their meeting hadn´t started yet so he said yes. We went in and some lady stood up and said why are they here, crazy old lady. While on the way out we did a contact with a couple of the workers there and we got one person to pass his address and to mark a time when we can go teach him, it would be cool if that worked out!

It´s funny, you know you have been in a area for a long time when you know almost everyone that passes you on the street and even the bus drivers know you.

We have been teaching this family of 3 that is awesome! Their names are Maria, Eduardo, and Erik. They were super firm to get baptized this last week but we had a little problem. One of our district leaders in our zone is having some problems so president asked that we do a lot of divisions with him. So we had him do our interviews because he was already in our area and he did a crap job. In the interview he practically just promised stuff to the kids if they would get baptized, like candy and games. Their mom didn't like that and I can understand why. I wanted to kill that Elder who did those interviews but Don´t worry I didn't, I had to try and be patient with him. The baptism fell because of that, I just hope that they will still let us teach them after that. I guess God Is helping me to learn patience.

Well that´s all for this week love you all! Beijo! 
João vitor!

Cleiton.  his mom is shy and didn´t want to be in the pic

Catholic chruch 


more FRUIT!

The creation that I made this morning

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