Monday, October 12, 2015

This last week was very complicated

This last week was very complicated. 

We decided to drop about 19 of our 21 investigators, none of them were giving interest to go to church. So this last week all we really did was knock doors. I don´t like knocking doors because it has been sooooooo hot these last couple of days and after hearing no so many times it gets you a little unexcited. so we have to play games so it keeps things interesting. 

So there are street vendors that always yell and say look here´s water or what ever they sell they are like oh water cold water good fresh spring water and they just say it a lot so one time I was getting tired of hearing no so I just decided to walk on the street and say look here the baptism free for one free for all oh the baptism. It doesn´t work to translate but you get the message. 

One guy stopped us and I was shocked that it actually worked. He asked what is batismo is it some kind of perfume? haha it worked this guy is awesome his name is Anderson and when we taught him about prophets he told us I always knew there would be a prophet because the bible said the last days their would be many false prophets not all of them! I was shocked, this guy is elect! Everything that we taught he said he agreed with and that the church of Jesus Christ is the only one that he has seen so far that actually follows the bible with prophets and apostles and everything! He accepted to be baptized the 25th but I don´t know if that will work because it will be hard to get him to church because he works a lot of Sundays. but for sure this guy will stay firm! He is so cool.  
This week was hard because Monday is a holiday so in our whole ward with even the members there was like 50 people in total when there is usually like 200. 

Well sorry I don´t have any other fun stories for you guys this week.

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