Monday, April 18, 2016


So first off my brother told me that there is this program on the mission that I have to do that when i have 6 months left i have to start called "6 months to sexy". So Riley I have a doubt this is for people who aren't sexy to get sexy in 6 months but what do I do because I am already sexy, do I still have to do it? Just kidding I know I am on a mission and I have grown up a lot but I still like to joke around, the good thing that I learned on the mission is how to joke.
Hey mom so you might get a little sad but the LAN house that I went to today doesn´t let you send pictures and the guy here is super annoying but don´t worry I will send them this next week! 

So this week was super duper great! We have been working with Luan for 3 weeks now, he is 16 years old and his parents are atheist and didn't want to let him get baptized but on Saturday he called us and told us that his parents would let him so we went and his mom signed the permission slip and Saturday night he was baptized! It was super special. All of our other recent converts that have been helping him went as well and they shared their testimonies and it was super cool! On Sunday we had stake conference and it was super far away and they all went alone!!! They were also all using a white shirt and tie! It makes me so happy to see how God moves the life of others!

Also there is a Haitian that has been going to church and being taught for a long time and he was baptized on Sunday after the conference with 9 other people from other wards in our zone!!! He is super cool. he was able to understand how repentance works and finally accepted it in his life!

I am getting nervous because I feel like my mission is running out and I haven´t done everything I need yet! 

Remember every member should be a missionary, if we all did that in little time the church would double in number of members that will be saved and have a chance for exaltation!

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