Monday, November 17, 2014

First letter from the field!

i am going to talk about the mtc experiance first so you guys have to deal with reading all of that boring stuff ( i just want you to konw mom that i replaced the word crap with stuff just for you) so hahahahahaha! in the ctm i got to go to the temple every week since you asked. 
we did do a celebration for halloween in the ctm but it was just with the 6th floor and our district hosted it we put sheets over our head and had one string of lights and bought some cheap candy and got fancy cups and drank water out of them. we celebrate in class, what can i say.
mom i just have to cary a paper that the government gave me i dont even have my passport or visa i hope they are ok...
so i learned how to solve a rubix cube in the ctm so i guess you could say i am about as smart as they get so if you want to start my application to Harvard now, that would be nice.
i spent my last thursday at the ctm at the police station getting my visa situation worked out but i am glad that all got fixed :)
so random thought of the day, you know how they say every time you pray your wife gets a little hotter, well lets just say my wife is going to be a feaking babe!!! lolol sorry i just thought that and just had to say it. 
ok back to the mtc at meals we would play red light green light on the track, it got very intense and we even got some brazilians to play with us so i guess you could say we were hott stuff.
the mission president is way cool he says his rules are as long as you have the spirit, do whatever you want so that is a little odd but coo, i guess, because we can email as long as we want. he says love your  family, tell them detail. but because of this you guys dont expect good shari stories in my emails or anything. 
how you get a new companion is a powerpoint, and one face comes on and then a drum roll and then the other persons pic. it is very exciting and kinda crazy but it makes it very fun so i guess they know what they are doing. i love it when people say holy crap, you are new and you speak way good protugese. it makes me feel happy on the inside like the heart area *(as you can tell from my whitty remarks i have a lot of time) 
(oh this is now the mission field just to let you know) my first lunch appt. was fun and all after but they are funny. the culture is you have to eat everything and they make a ton of food. so i have gained the skill of very slow eating and then my companion and the family eats all of it instead. how smart of me right. ok another random thing, this is a brazilian computer that i am using to email so every word is underlined in red and it annoyes me so much. see what i go through for you guys! 
ok back to the mission. the appt. or the place of living (what i like to call it) is quite big we have a washer and dryer but i havent been able to find the on switch on the dryer. i will explain it and if any of you have one like it you can help me. it has 4 ropes that go to one wall to the other. i put my clothes on them and i think someone else must turn it on for  me because the next morning they are usually dry. it is a mystery i will probably never find out.
my new companion is the DL and i live with the zone leaders so i have to watch myself or i might get in trouble. no jk they are awesome and love me they give me presents so i like them too. no they are cool in more ways then just that. 
there is a guy named fransisco. i love that man. he was supposed to get baptized on saturday but something with his work came up so we moved it to this week. we have two more set for next week as well so that is awesome.
i have never been a very good speller but this language of mine that they speak in brazil makes it so much worse, so sorry about that.
oh so in brazil you throw your toilet paper in the garbadge not the toilet so that is weird. i keep on forgetting which sucks because then i have to fish it out with the knife of shame. i think someone used that knife for peanut butter or something before it was used as this. (typing that made me laugh so hard. sorry i just had to. thanks for dealing with my obnoxiousness) 
ok now the culture of brazilians, if you give them anything they always give you something in return which is sweet not going to lie and if you ask for a cup of water from anyone they will get it for you no matter how much they hate you, which we use all the time to get into peoples houses. oh i now drink tea there is this weird stuff called tereré. it is actually quite good it is not actually tea, but i have no clue what it is. all i know is it is not against the word of wisdom. 
brazilian ties are sexy. i think i am going to throw away all of my clothes and bring those home with me. i bought a hammock today it was only like 20 dollars and it is huge and way fancy. i am not in a house so there is no where to use it but it is still way cool. 
my new companion is way cool he reminds me a lot of riley 
oh mom if you could could you send me my ctr ring i left it in the glove box of the driver seat in the boat. 
i need a ring in brazil so people think i am in a relationship. girls are crazy here. i have already been offered 2 peoples daughters in marrage and almost got kissed. not going to lie she was very cute but i avoided it with my ninja moves. well that is all for today. one thing real quick dont underestimate the power of prayer go read the prayer section in preach my gospel. it is powerful. someone in the ctm taught me something. i have trouble kneeling to pray at night and morning because i am lazy but just think cristo died for us and here i am not even kneeling. i dont know just something to think about. have a good week love you all!!!

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