Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello from Sorocaba!

Hello from Sorocaba!


so i forgot to say this but last week during a lesson some drunk guy walked in and sat down so we just kept teaching and then he just passed out so i put him in HAINS position and we left because i cant do anything because of Brazil's stupid laws but whatever he will be fine but he hit his head way hard, it what he gets for drinking... oh yeah Breanna every Brazilian thinks you are freaking super hot it is crazy i gave my zone leader your email and he also wrote you a letter i need to send i give you permission to lie and mess with him he also thinks you are almost 18 so yeah he is a flirt so just have fun this is my Christmas present to you. so we ate at some homeless house and they did this crazy prayer that everyone was chanting and then just started clapping there are so many weird churches here. just yesterday at a house next door to one of our investigators there was people dancing around a fire playing drums and everyone was smoking weed the music was cool but it was so satanic it just felt gross.
the dom de linguas is so real whenever we prepare for a lesson super well the spirit is so strong it is crazy and then i can just speak Portuguese easy and then after its like how in the crap did i just do that it is awesome.
i can die happy now, i ate a banana and a mango off a tree so basically what else is there to life other then i would like to kiss at least one girl maybe after that i am good to die Riley says it is pretty cool.
oh real quick disclaimer don't put any pics of people not missionaries with Brazilians on a social media or any internet thing it is super against the law here and i guess missionaries have got sent home for it so yeah
Shari you know that song you used to sing beans beans the magical fruit... yeah i can testify of that song being true.
there is a guy here named carlos he teaches English he is cool because in the mornings he teaches us Portuguese so that is a blessing from god it is crazy what just comes in your path when you are a missionary just the other day we were lost trying to get to a baptism interview and then all of a sudden the church was just there we just found it without asking its small things like that that really make my testimony grow.
oh i changed my name to (messy-key) because i guess Messick is too hard so yeah sorry dad.
its beginning to look a lot like Christmas fake snow in every window but oh i will tell you it doesn't feel like it oh my good golly gracious it is hot. but as all of you are at home in the cold winter i just want you to know that i am becoming a bronze babe i have a wicked watch tan line it is crazy. when i come home look for the black kid getting off the airplane.
i am very surprised how much drama goes on between missionaries i just think cant we just get along but no they cant get along with each other but the like me so that is good its funny the Brazilian ZL told me i am his favorite American in front of his American companion that was a little awkward...
its funny some parts are a little scary so the other missionaries tell me to try and hide that i am American but that is easy for them they look the part i am some giant blue eyed white kid but i have the lord on my side protecting me so i have nothing to worry about!
there is this guy i call the town drunk he is so cool when he is sober but every morning he walks by our window and screams a lot of words that i did not learn in the mtc...
we have this investigator that was supposed to be baptized on Saturday but he wasn't home so we went around looking for him and when we found him he was drinking and smoking i have never been more sad in my whole life because of someone else.
it is cool because when i read the BOM in port there are a lot of words that dont have the direct translation but make a lot more sense in portuguese it is crazy what i find i had an example in mind but i forgot it sorry mommie. sorry i dont have a lot to say this last week was very slow 

apartment kitchen

nice bedroom

pet coco

scary road but has yummy mango trees

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