Wednesday, November 5, 2014

 This last week was awesome!

this last week was awesome. it feels like just yesterday i came to the ctm. this last Thursday i went to the police station to get my papers and the name of the mom and dad were switched so that is way bad. tomorrow i find out if i get to spend a couple extra weeks in the ctm. this part of my email is a little naughty so mom if you feel you need to cut it out do so. our teacher taught us a major problem in brazil is people will break the law of chastity wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs so that will be exciting to try to teach to people in brazil... r district leader fell down playing volleyball way hard and got cut open pretty bad. i knew what to do but they wouldn't let me touch him so that was kinda annoying. i had a way neat experience of giving him a blessing. he, today, is doing just fine, the power of the priesthood is a way powerful tool when used correctly. this last sunday being fast Sunday was so spiritual for me but i cried way more then i like to admit so won't go into much detail on that. lots of people in our district didn't know how to fast so i had a neat opportunity to teach them. how i now realize how privileged i was to live in such a great place surrounded by such great people.  my new roommates left today i hope i will get new ones later tonight i don't have a lot to say this week, oh i went to the Campinas temple today. to get to it we drove through my mission which was way cool. my mission is just forest with a random huge patch of houses i was told that there are monkey's were my mission is so i am stoked for that. it is so green like i have never seen anything like it. the temple is just on this huge hill. i wish i cold send a picture it is so beautiful. i am so happy i got the opportunity to go to that temple, not many missionaries do. i have only got one letter from dad so i guess he is the only one that loves me... no jk i don't konw why the others haven't come. his he sent about 3 weeks ago i think, if i remember right. well sorry for keeping this letter so short i just don't have a lot to talk about. portuguese is going amazing and the gift of tongues is awesome. i am so greatful for this opertunity to serve a mission, only one more week until i get out in the field, crazy. but i am ready and super excited, i apreciate all of your prayers love you all!!! oh i finally know the difference between ç and c so that is cool

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