Monday, January 26, 2015

a great invention called laundry softener

This last week, I found a great invention called laundry softener. Man that stuff just makes your clothes feel like feathers, it´s great stuff. I also found bleach stuff for shirts so now they should stop yellowing, let´s pray for that... This last week we were walking through a supermarket parking lot and I saw a couple parking lot guards, I then said man I don´t see why they really need those then we turned a corner and almost ran into a guy picking a trunk with a paperclip. As soon as he saw us he booked it. Man that made for a good story.

On Thursday my companion had a sick day. I don´t know how sick he really was, he didn´t seem that sick but we couldn´t go out he said. It was good though because it gave me the opportunity to clean the house and to study a lot extra... 
We had a zone conference this last Friday and it was pretty cool. We were able to watch Meet the Mormons and it was pretty good. It was less cool in Portuguese because I had to pay close attention to understand it. During lunch there president decided to come and sit next to me and the first thing he asked was what do you not like about the mission and what is the hardest thing for you. It was very unexpected and it made me freak out a little on the inside. I told him I don´t love waking up at 6:30 and the hardest part is the language. I think those answers worked because then we just started talking about jobs. That man is has more then one billion dollars he sold some diabetic company for .7 billion dollars and has 20ish more companies and then just buys and sells companies as a hobby. Man I wish I could do that.
We got 6 new workouts that we are supposed to do one for every day. They are the BYU football team workouts and man they are so hard. At the last like 10 min of the workout I am just crying with my companion as we finish. They are awesome except they just make it so you loose use of your legs... My legs right now are on fire, like the rest of me is sore and all, but man my legs feel like jello made from lava. 
This last week was hard but better, sorry I don´t have any wonderful stories to tell you all this week I will work for a good one next week.
   Your favorite Elder Messick

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