Monday, January 5, 2015

Man this last week was crazy.

Man this last week was crazy. 

Tuesday: we went on a division today and I was with my area with Elder Montero. This kid is super cool. We went to a ton of people and just threw down the gospel at them, it was probably one of my funnest days I have had in a long time. He wanted McDonalds so we went there and he bought me a Big Mac meal, I haven´t had something like that forever, it was nice. This kid also only speaks Portuguese which is good and I learned so much just from talking all day with him! 

Wednesday: so today our lunch wasn´t until 4 which kinda sucked. We ate at this guy in our ward who´s name is Wilson. He is so crazy, I will tell you why. It took like 2.5 hours to leave because when we got there he was like oh crap I forgot to buy soda, so he ran to the store which wasn´t close and we were all just there sitting in his house. He then after we ate told us a story of how God showed him his throne and heaven in a vision he had and described to us what heaven looked like and told us that God´s hand is super warm to touch. He tells us he hangs out with him sometimes.

Thursday: We met this lady named Silvania and her daughter Bia. I love them so dang much. On Thursday they made us a fish dinner which was not cheap. They love us so much but they won´t go to Church. She is like oh it is so early, I am not going to wake up. as of today she promised she would go in at least 2 weeks. She is so fun to teach and talk to, we usually end up laughing at the end of every lesson because of some sassy comment she makes.

FridayFriday kinda sucked not going to lie. I did a division with Elder Flores a kid from another district. we did it in his area so I didn´t know a lot to do. We didn´t even start doing stuff until like 3, it was so annoying. 

Sabado: today really only one cool thing happened, I don´t usually share these kind of experiences but it was super cool how it worked out, so I will. Us four who I house with were walking home from a lunch apt and some crazy guy with a huge pole was following us and yelling not so good things at us. He started to run up to us getting ready to hit us, and another elder just said keep walking. Some car of a random guy came up and stopped him and got out and took him down. He then waved to us and said oh have a good day, I have never seen him before but he is amazing. It is crazy how we are protected since we are doing what we are supposed to. 

Oh I forgot to talk about new years. New years here is so dang big. from about 11:30-1:00 there were constant fireworks going off. It is kinda funny because every type of firework is illegal here. I think i saw more fireworks in 10 min then i have seen in my whole life. 

Jan 1 the drunk guy who lives on our street was outside singing with his friend i think the song he was singing was called F you, It is very repetitive, I was not the biggest fan. The song was like 3 hours long and for some reason when he sang it he just walked in circles. 

Overall a super good week! love you all!

oh i forgot the best part. We found real milk this week! It is called milk from cow. huh sounds weird in english... It is like strait from a cow, it has a top layer of cream and fat stuff. We also made eggnog this last week. It is so good! I am pretty pro at making that stuff now!

vandalism used to be a garbage can...

making cookies

Hey that´s talking about me!

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