Monday, January 12, 2015

Brazilian culture is still getting me in trouble

so the bishop of our ward complained to me that i don´t write long enough emails. Well to tell you the truth I don´t think that is going to change so sorry family. It was exciting getting a package full of food and shoes from him.

Oh so another example of how everyone thinks Breanna is beautiful. Bishop's son told me how beautiful he thinks she is but the only problem is she is a little to tall and young. Its just funny everyone says that. So Breanna, I guess after 3 tries with other kids dad and mom figured it out.

Brazilian culture is still getting me in trouble. I always do things wrong and i guess it is rude, like the other day I didn´t shake the hand of the head of the house first and it was just weird. Oh and they just call people fat and people don´t get offended here, it is amazing. It kinda sucks also though because people are like wow your accent sucks. 
I finally went out and bought some food so I won´t be super hungry. Now for breakfast I eat plain oats and popcorn. The two cheapest things there are. we had some frozen strawberries that i added to the oats and umm it was good but i cut my finger while cutting the strawberries and didn´t realize it because of all of the red juice so i got some blood in the oatmeal as well. I figure it just adds some extra flavor.
This last week president told us all in the mission that we each needed to mark 10 dates this last week and I thought no way but i guess president knows what he is talking about so lets go. This last week was just a week of miracles. (other then the fact i almost cut my finger off)
So we found the coolest investigators this last week, two of them, Mary and Mary, (that is a super popular name) work in the catholic church but they were like yeah i guess that is true our baptism is not true. She then came to church and just ran up to us and said this church is true now i know i want to be baptized. This also happened with one other lady named Isabel she is super afraid of her husband and won´t let us talk to him so we only talk when he is gone, because of this she only went to the first hour of church but we went and talked to her after and she also told us she knew it was true and wanted to be baptized and she would tell her husband and if he doesn´t like it she will just divorce him. She is so cool I love talking to her. 
This challenge thing kinda made our week so we only worked for 5 days because 2 days were filled with interviews. I am happy to say that we still marked 12 dates. As a mission we marked 1800 dates so that is crazy considering we only have 100 and the usual is only like 400. 
It´s annoying, I always think of stuff to say while emailing during the week but when the time comes to email I just break under pressure and forget everything, so sorry about that.

Just remember Breanna, that even though all the boys think you are super good looking you don´t have to kiss any of them. hint hint...

love you all! talk to ya next week


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