Monday, April 13, 2015

I crave mexican food

Man I can`t tell you how good a Cafe Rio burrito sounds right now. You would think that after 6 months of eating beans and rice I wouldn´t want them anymore but just the opposite, That´s all I want. Man I think I might get fat here in Brazil I eat so much. I walk a ton as well but I eat only crap food. I am scared. 

This last week we worked a ton but wasn´t very fruitful. For this next week we will be focusing a lot more on finding new people to teach because all the people we have aren´t progressing very much and need to get married which is super hard.

It is a little hard to work at times with my companion because he is super trunky and has lost a ton of his desire to work. Luckily we are still able to get along for the most part, we don´t argue. We are still able to get work done but we could be doing so much more. we aren´t fulfilling our whole potential that we could be doing which is sad because we only have 2 years and it passes fast ya need to take advantage of every minute you have. I do really enjoy working with him though because during lessons we teach together, he doesn´t make me feel like a useless junior companion like my last. I am learning a lot on how to be a good leader from him.

Anyways enough with the boring just me ranting off part. This last week we had a bunch of cool lessons with a family with 1 crazy drunk 1 less active that is married to the crazy man and their less active daughter who needs to get married and her cousin who has a date marked in 2 weeks to get baptized. This last week we had a super spiritual lesson that was going super well and right when the lesson was at a spiritual high and we were about to mark the baptism date the drunk crazy dad came in and started yelling at me and my comp. He saw me and said oh you are american and he started using all the 6 English words he knew which were not very nice words. Then he started praying and crying to God for help to save his soul. His wife was finally able to pull him out. Luckily after all that craziness we were able to pull everything back together and mark a date. They all except for the Less active daughter and the drunk went to church this last Sunday and loved it. I am hoping that The daughter Nina will get married because she really loves the church and has been going for like 2 months now just needs to get married or separate. 

That`s all that really happened that was super exciting this last week but for my papi I will explain the streets of Brazil. It is quite entertaining to walk around here there is always something new going on or some crazy drunk being crazy. On average while walking I see a bunch of drunk's stray dogs, got to watch out for those they don´t like us, women that silly them forgot to put clothes on over their underwear i think it´s the heat it just makes them forget, tons of trash but it is good sometimes you find cool stuff, and city workers sleeping under their car. It is very entertaining to walk in the streets here you find something new every day!

 Well love ya all have a great week!

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