Monday, April 20, 2015

blah blah blah

Well this week not much happened talk to ya all next week
Bye love elder Messick

No just kidding I think my mom would kill me if I did that. 

Man this last week I had such a cool experience on a division that I did! I went with Elder Jones and we walked a ton because the day wasn´t planned out very well, I think I walked the most I have ever walked on my entire mission this day! Man, so we entered into a lesson with a lady with I don´t know how many years. Man this lesson was like 1 hour long and the first 50 min were just trash and we were like man just do what is right you know what is right. She got up to answer the phone and I was super mad so I stood up got my bag and said to my comp lets just leave when she isn´t here. Luckily I realized that was a stupid idea. She came back in and the words president told me came into my head how he said to listen to the spirit and teach what she needs not what I think she needs. I said a quick little prayer to help me and just started talking. Man I think this was one of the most humbling and spiritual experiences I have had on my mission. I started to cry after she started to cry and it was just so crazy. The Lord just let me feel a little of the love that he has for this girl and that he wants the best for her. Man it was a very cool experience.

So on sunday we went and taught our recent convert Antonio and his entire family about the restoration and man it went so well. Their family is so dang cool. I didn´t know in advanced but they bought pizza for us. I felt a little bad because it was sunday and all but oh well I guess. On sunday the 4 biggest soccer teams in Brazil played and after anyone scored there were a ton of fireworks and people driving in their cars honking their horns out of anger and happiness. Man it was so cool people are so passionate about their sports here. 

Well that´s all I got for this week love ya guys!

oh yeah I found a machete this last week so that made my week

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