Monday, May 18, 2015


Daiana, Yuri and Livia

Man was this last week was really busy. This last week was super crazy because every day we had to knock 80 dang doors and also follow up with Daiana, Yuri, Livia, Andrea, Rafeal, And Isabel . It is kinda super hard to visit all these people and our recent converts and knock 80 doors, It´s crazy. 

So first I will talk a little about our investigator Andrea. She was super cool and kept all the commitments except for going to church. We have been working with her for a while but she won´t go to church because she doesn´t want to leave here huge dog home alone... Because of this I was very sad but we had to drop her as an investigator.

Isabel  is super cool she wasn´t progressing and we had planned to drop her if she didn´t go to church this last Sunday but she went and loved it. She said the spirit was super strong and she liked it a ton so that was great. She has a baptism date marked for this next Sunday and now I think that it will actually happen! Usually when people will at least go to church they will get baptized!

Daiana, Yuri and Livia are a family we found knocking doors and they all went to church with us and all 2 weeks ago. The mom Daiana was super excited for the baptism always but the kids were not wanting it until the interview happened. The daughter Livia wanted to be baptized but wanted to keep it a secret until the baptism itself. So that was a little difficult but we made it happen! They were all three baptized this last Sunday.

I baptized Daiana and Yuri and Elder Sousa baptized Livia. The best part is they brought 4 of their friends to the baptism with them and they all were like next week is my baptism but what sucks is only 1 of the 4 live in our area :(    We went and talked to him this morning his name is Rafeal and he has 17 years. We marked his baptism for this next Sunday and taught about the restoration, it went super well!

This last week, other then the fact that today I am super sick and can´t use my voice, has been super super cool. I love this opportunity I have to be here on this mission!

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