Monday, May 4, 2015


playing baseball

So sorry for not creating an  email this last week I ran out of time on my account and didn´t have any more money so this week I will write before I read any of my emails. Man but you don´t know how much I want to read that email that my mom sent me. Oh look Breanna wrote me as well, this week I can tell will be a week of miracles hehehe. Love ya Breanna.

So lets see where to start. Last p-day we went to play base ball, man it was so fun! I haven´t enjoyed baseball so much in my whole life. I think I like playing more here probably because I suck at the sport but who I was playing with is even worse.

We had a conference this last week that was super cool. It helped us a lot. With that talk that I heard I wrote my homecoming talk so yes Bishop I am ready to give that talk. I don´t have a deathly fear of giving talks anymore. 

We had 2 miracles this last week. We have a lady that we have been trying to meet with forever and this last sunday we finaly talked to her! Man this lesson was so dang spiritual and good! She has gone to church a lot in the past and had tons of missionaries talk to her in the past so we marked her date for this weekend. Her name is Gloria and man she is cool. I will send a pic of her all dressed in white this next week.

We have a new rule in our mission that we need to knock 80 doors every freaking day. It sucks but president promised us that if we do it we will have a lot more baptisms. We found a family of 3 names: Dayana, Livia, and Eurie. We met them on saturday they went to church on sundayand LOVED it and really want us to come back and teach them more. They will be super solid! I am super happy how this last week turned out. We as a companionship are getting along a lot better and we are able to have the spirit with us once more.

I know this email is a little short for 2 Weeks but to tell you the truth I will talk to my family in 5 days so I don´t feel too bad at all.


What I saw one morning

didn´t work out very well

2,0 food of a missionary ramen with Doritos

a little of our area 

a popular fruit here a jakafruit 

fire next to a busy street normal right?
Freaking heck I didn´t sign up for this crap man i almost screemed when I saw this
I call it the wasp of satin

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