Monday, May 11, 2015

Hiked the Pico Dejaragua

multizone conference
Well I don´t have a ton to say because of mothers day but I hope the 100 pics i sent make up for it. Today was probably one of the best p-days because my mom said she was satisfied this week because of the pics. So now I learned how to make her happy. 

eu e meu comp

The only news that I had was this morning we woke up early and went and hiked the pico dejaragua. It was super cool.

On the way I finally fulfilled a dream of touching a monkey so that was pretty cool. Man it was such a cool hike. It was like walking through the jungle to get up there. 

There was so many of those banana spiders that I had to walk a little ducked down to not get attacked again. When i return home those Utah spiders are going to be nothing.

When I hear shari screaming (while Phil is working of course, other wise he would) I will run to the rescue and smash the spider with my bare hand. 

you got to be careful with these monkeys, they rip your face off you know...

went on a hike today, I guess you could say It was pretty cool. We went to the pico

a different side of the peak

some weird thing

Well that´s all I got to say to yall for this here week. have a super week 

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