Monday, August 31, 2015

I feel like I am walking on the waters on this mission!

I feel like I am walking on the waters on this mission!

So I have always heard that a picture is worth more then 1000 words so I sent a bunch of pictures so  that means that my letter is already super big and I don´t have to write as much! 

So my comp Elder Rebouças got transferred to be assistant. I miss that kid, he is awesome. My new comps name is Elder Hunt. He before the mission was a body builder and it sure looks like it as well. He is so dang big! 

elevator pic! with the comp!

So as a zone we broke the mission record for the most baptisms so that is awesome! I am so proud of everyone in the zone they are all finally working! 

one of the paths we walk a lot!
I am getting killed by my comp, He has those rings that you do gymnastics with and he is teaching me how to use them and it is so freaking hard! 

It is crazy that I almost have 1 year on the mission. It doesn´t feel like I have been on the mission for even a month. Time flies! 

You know it´s kinda funny, I have taught over 500 lessons, I´ve contacted over 1000 people but still every day I have to do things that are out of my comfort zone. I feel like the mission changes a lot of things about me and I am learning so much! The mission is super hard at times but I feel like it is making me learn how to be a man. I love the mission and I wouldn´t trade it for anything else. 

Thank you all for all of the love and support you give me!

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