Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Back in Sorocaba!

Well here I am, back to where I started my mission, in Sorocaba! I am not in the same ward but I am in the same stake so I am super excited! It was super cool, at church some people from Trujillo came to my ward here in Jardim California and I had the opportunity to speak with them. It was super funny they were like, "Hey! Now I can understand what you are saying", it was pretty exciting. I found out that 2 of the people named Suzanna and Robson that I helped to get baptized moved to another state but are preparing to get sealed in the Temple!!! WOOT WOOT.

My new comps name is Elder A. Souza and no I don´t have a picture with him just yet, I know I am a terrible person. I was at the MTC with him so that is cool that now we get to be comps. He is a super hard worker and before the mission really liked to fight so I need to watch out. Haha. He is short and Brazilian that´s the best description I have. 

So I am loving this area, It doesn´t have very many hills and it is like half the size of my last area so that is super nice! The other 2 elders that were here before us left and my comp and I got here and are super lost! So that´s an adventure, they also didn´t update the area book so when we got here we had 0 investigators so that was a little frustrating. We worked super hard though and were able to bring 4 people to church and I am pretty sure that 2 will get baptized this next weekend, their names are Pamola and Adrian. They are super cool. Pamola is a niece of a member and Adrian we met on the street and invited him to go to Church and he got super excited and went, it was super cool. It was one of those street contacts that you think was just a waste of time but then Sunday comes around and yup there they are, waiting for you at church. It made me super happy. It is cool when stuff like that happens.

I should have taken a picture of our house when we got there, Oh man I don´t think I have seen anything more messy. Like my mom always taught me the spirit can´t be in dirty places so we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned a little more and finally finished. It is so true what my mom said. It is so much better to plan and to study now that is is clean.

Well that´s all I have for this week Love you all! Beijo

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