Sunday, November 22, 2015


So just to explain a little more how Brazil is, a dog just walked into the lan house where we are at right now and it is just normal, nobody gives a crap. Haha I love Brazil! So pretty much this last week was awesome! We had so many miracles! 

So the beginning of this week we had interviews with our president and wow he is an inspired man! He told me what I needed to do to make my mission better and it worked out so well, this last week was amazing! I don´t even know what changed other then this last week I was just a little happier to work. I guess it is like what my dad always said, " if you are going to do something, do it with a good attitude".

This last week we did a fast that we would be able to help this one family of 3 people named Maria, Erik, and Carlos Eduardo. It worked out, we have been teaching them for like 4 weeks now and because of a problem that happened with the interviewer we almost lost them but fasting has power! They just changed! The 2 kids were baptized and now the mom is finally trying to stop smoking so that she can get baptized as well. The best part is they all went to church alone this last week! 

So we got the transfer calls and I will go to Sorocaba again. It is sooo hot there, but I am super excited. I will be in the same zone as my first area so I will be able to do divisions and visit my recent converts there! My new companions name is Elder A. Souza I don`t know him yet but I am excited to get to know him! 

Oh best part so I really loved this ward of Engenhonovo and this one member bought me a slack line so I am super excited about that. I haven´t used it yet but I am super excited to try it out! 

Well love you all remember that the small things make the biggest changes!

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