Monday, November 30, 2015

don´t have a whole lot to say

So it´s not that I am being lazy or anything but today I just don´t have a whole lot to say. 
Our new ward here is awesome and they help out with a ton of stuff. This area is a little harder because the people here aren´t as willing to hear about the gospel. 
We were looking in the area book and found a Haitian guy that the paper said he loved the church went a ton just that he didn´t speak port. only English and french. I read it and was like wait a sec. I speak English! We went there and he was like yeah you came back. He understands Portuguese but responds in English. So I taught him in English. When we taught about the baptism he said yeah I wanted to be baptized but the last elders didn´t understand me. 
We visited him with the bishop who kinda speaks English and he said elder what are you waiting for this guy doesn´t smoke, drink, he lives the law of chastity what are you waiting for just baptize him. So that´s exactly what we did. He is super cool and even cooler I did my fist baptismal pray in English! I always wanted to do that! His name was super hard though. I will send a pic this next week my camera isn´t reading in this computer...
well love you all have a great week!

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