Monday, March 28, 2016

I don´t think in English anymore

It´s super weird because I don´t think in English anymore, I even dream in Portuguese!!! It is super strange. There is an American that just moved to Brazil and he is a member of my new area, he talked to me on Sunday and said oh good there is someone I can understand and I was trying to speak English with him but it was so difficult, I am going to struggle in the US if I don´t get an American companion here soon. 
So I am here in my new area it is called Itapevi it is pretty close to Engenho Novo where I passed a little while ago. This area has soooo many hills! They aren't just little hills though they are ones that most of the cars can't even go up because they are too steep! My companion always falls because his shoes don´t have much traction, it is kinda funny. So yeah, here in a couple of weeks my legs are going to be super strong! 
My new companions name is Elder Rocha (João Rocha), he is from Minas Gerais. He is 21 years old and likes to eat a lot of junk food. It is funny he is trying to loose weight but buys a ton of crap! Life is hard, crappy food is so dang good but being fat isn't.... it´s hard. 
Me and my companion we are opened this area so there was absolutely nothing when we got here and at times we get a little lost. We were able to bring a bunch of people to church though which was super sweet! This next week we should have baptism!!! The only problem is that the stake president doesn't want us to baptize this weekend. I think he doesn't understand the value of souls. We will talk to him to let us baptize I just hope he doesn't get mad at us. 
This is the big difference I see with Brazil and the US, is when someone is baptized here everybody complains because now they will have to visit them and they have to go and watch the baptism, people are so dang lazy! I feel like they need to read D+C 18:10 because no one understands that, it makes me so frustrated! 
I am super excited for this next transfer, it should be a great one, we are going to help a lot of people get baptized this month!

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