Monday, March 14, 2016

Professional at cooking eggs now

So I would say that I am pretty much professional at cooking eggs now. For breakfast I eat boiled eggs with an over easy egg with toast and for dinner I eat a scrambled egg with Ramen! Vida Loca! No but eggs are super good! 

So this last week was super good we were able to teach to Vinicius and Caroline and their baptism will be this Sunday!!! I am super excited! I am a little sad though because President called me yesterday and because of a couple problems that have happened he told me that he wants me to stay with another Elder until the end of the transfer in another area, so I probably won´t get to teach them this week but the good thing is, is we share the same church building as the other ward so I will be able to see the baptism this Sunday

So my new area, until the 22nd will be Vila Angelica and I will stay with an Elder named Elder Moreira. It will be good I am excited to be able to help him out in his area! 

So yo-yo´s are pretty popular here in Brazil, so an investigator gave me one and taught me some pretty sweet tricks! So I guess you could say I am a profesional yo-yoer!!! 

Today for p-day I set up my hammock and took a nap and it was the most amazing thing in the whole world. We then went and met up with some other elders and one elder tried and teach me how to use a Chinese yo-yo but it is hard, I could throw it and catch it but that´s about it. We also of course did slack line. It is starting to get easy to walk on so today I learned how to run and jump, I only fell once but it´s OK because I didn´t get hurt (too badly).

Só isso para essa semana, até mais.

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