Monday, June 6, 2016

Lots of pictures

Me with a painted cow that I named lucy at a pharmacy!

Transfers are tomorrow and I will be transferred. I am going to a place called Itapeva it is almost out of the state of São Paulo. It is soooo far away! I am excited to go there just that I will still be zone leader and I am not really wanting to be zone leader anymore but oh well I guess I have more to learn. 

The churrasco we did last monday!

Olha a carne boa
a cool picture
Making cookies and brownies at our recent converts!
Me at a bus stop!
Some catholic thing where the people decorated the street with shredded painted wood

1 year and 8 months looking and I finally found a Brazilian hat!
angry birds mask from McDonalds!
Baptism of Jonas!
me eating canesugar

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