Monday, June 27, 2016


we did an exchange literally every elder in the zone was with a different companion... that's not saying much considering there is only 6 elders haha but ya sooo we basically went walking around and i talk a lot about being busy when I'm saying we are busy that normally means we teach one lesson to someone then go to the next house and teach the people there and it just stays like that day by day... but this day was not a busy day in truth i felt like i was just passing time as we walked to different areas to try to find people at home but it didnt really work out to well because everybody was at school or working but after a little bit we went back to the house and got our bags ready and caught a bus out to another city that would make it easier for us to travel to the temple. but when we got there, exhausted from a 2 hour bus ride, i realized one of the most annoying elders i know was staying in the same house sooooo i just kept quiet for the night.

we got up early and got a bus out to the temple and i seriously had such a great experience there with a lot of my friends from the mission and took a lot of pictures we were seriously traveling soo dang much like a 4 hour bus ride to the temple and back then another 2.5 hour bus ride back to my area soo ya it was super exhausting but while we were waiting at the bus stop to go back to our area a deaf guy started asking for money but after that we just caught the bus and then got to our area super late!

This day ill be real.... it was rough! i had no will to get up in the morning do to the time that we got home then because of the time we got home we had no time to plan for the next day soo it was just difficult i really learned just how much fake it till you make it can really make a difference in every day.

This was a good good day like it was just soo relaxed... we had nothing really planned because we (elder Williams and i) had to go out to the neighboring area and they wanted us to come in 2 hours later that we were planning soo we sat around a bit.... but it wasn't until the 10 min before the bus got there that i realized it would be getting cold that night but with the timing and everything i had to suck it up and short sleeve it haha THAT was fun but after 1 awesome interview we went to a members house and had a super boss family home evening with some super cool people! 

i did yet another exchange to do some more interviews and it went super well! we got to do all the things we needed to and then some but it was even more fun because i was with the other elder in our area Elder Roberts who has really because a close friend as we joke around about the same things and honestly were basically like the same person as we make the same jokes say the same things haha but he is a pretty cool other then this we did a lot of teaching and met with a lot of new people and honestly that was about it oooohhh wait we went and did some follow up with some people planning to go to church the next day

Sunday mornings have got to be the most stressful days of the mission.... seriously as we have to run around the city get everybody up for church THEN even more our cell phone stopped working and that didnt help as we were trying to call a ride to bring some people to church... my head just about exploded in stress and anger then we got to church.

 thank you everyone soo much for the love and support i love you all!

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