Monday, May 30, 2016

We are doing this awesome activity

We are doing this awesome activity in our ward and it is going so well! 

When we got in this area there was a frequency of 71 and we have been doing an activity that our LMA invented that is called the night of the Tribes. There are two tribes that every Saturday we have a contest and whoever wins gets points for their tribe. Here´s the catch though, you can also earn points if you invite a less active or investigator to church or visit them with the missionaries. This activity is working out so dang well! In two weeks the frequency of our ward went from 71 to 138! It is making missionary work in this area so much easier! I am going to do this activity in all of my wards now!

The young men that were baptized this last month are super amazing! They have been sharing the gospel with everyone!!! This last Sunday Luan and Vitor baptized their first investigators!!! The best part is that the people who were baptized invited a ton of their family to church as well so this week we'll go and teach them all because it was super spiritual Sunday and they all loved it! 

So I have some pictures to send but my memory card got a virus so I am not able to send them :( 

Today we bought like 4 kilos of meat and did a churrasco!!! We ate so much meat, with rice and beans of course.

I am learning soo much on the mission but I feel like I still have so much more to learn and such little time to learn it! 

Thank you for all of your prayers they help a lot! Have a great week and don´t forget to do FHE tonight!
My 2 recent converts baptizing their friends Guilerme, Eduardo, and joão

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