Tuesday, July 5, 2016



To start off the week we had probably one of the most incredible trainings in the world by our amazing mission president, he taught us that we needed to walk by faith and look at how with faith we can walk o waters with faith we can move 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to 12 baskets left over with food how all of this is only possible through our faith in Christ.

Wednesday was a little hard for us because we had to get a bus to Sorocaba 5:00 at night. That kinda didn´t give us a whole ton of time to work, we were still able to find 3 amazing families though so I would say that God really blessed us when he saw our desire that we had to at least find one family!

We woke up at like 5:00 am to get the bus so that was super fun... We had an amazing leadership council that pretty much just had the same training that we had on Tuesday but it was still amazing and super spiritual.

Friday we put to practice all the things we learned in the leadership council and met all of the new goals we set there. We were able to find so many amazing people! We found a woman named Letisia that we taught the Restoration to her and before we offered the BOM she was already asking how she could get one. When we gave it to her she just started to hug it. It helped me to realize how important the BOM really is.

We took the whole day pretty much just following up with everyone that we had to go to church. We had 2 families of 5 and Letisia. We also tried to find some news but weren´t able to find any elects

had a miracle to start off the day! we had passed by the house of a man that said he would go to church with us but he left basically because he knew we would be there to take him to church. a little made because it was really far away i just walked off but i say a man on the side of the road and i had the thought "you're here for a reason talk with him" instantly i went and talked with him and i said "hey what are you doing at 9 o clock?" " I don't know i think ill go to church" "Perfect!!! do you want to go to the church of Jesus Christ??" "ya sure ill get ready" haha well he went to church and he loved it! and he will be getting baptized soon! it was an incredible miracle it was awesome! Also we went to Letisias house to see if she was woken up and she was all ready and she went alone. The other 2 families of 5 let satin get to them but because God saw our hard work he blessed us with this man and another woman named Camila that came to church for the 2nd time. We didn´t even pick her up because she was living in a city super far away but she moved last week so now we are going to teach and baptize her with the help of the Lord!

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