Monday, December 1, 2014

I like to sing?

 my Thanksgiving dinner

so for all of you (mom) who think i procrastinate a lot of stuff, are wrong, i just let future me have the opertunity to try it out the only problem with that is future me hates past me but oh well, he can deal with it.

i had my first bible bashing experience, it was terrible. some lady just kept on saying one part of the bible then we would show her where it said otherwise in the same bible and she just wouldn't let it go so we asked her: ok if GOD was standing right here and told you this was wrong would you believe him and she said no, so we just left she be crazy.

it is funny lots of people are catholic but they say they wont change because you dont have to do anything in the catholic church, i just feel bad for them...

mom i sang in a choir of about 8 girls and 4 guys so i hope you are proud of me. i really like singing for some reason all of a sudden i am a little worried about that...

we went to eat lunch at some ladies house and when we asked if we could pray over the food she said no i bless all of the groceries when i buy them. she is a active member but she is crazy... it reminded me of the julian smith video pre blessed food.

i was able to experience my first huge rain storm. now i thought i new what a huge rain storm was but oh i didn't. lets just say you could baptize someone being fully submerged in the middle of the street, it is raining so hard... we ran under a bus stop with some old man and did a contact. it was crazy how much water there was.

we had a little thanksgiving. we went to the store and bought some food and i also ate a snickers i was saving for a special day. i would say it was a good use.

so people smoke weed here so so much it is ridiculous, and talking to high people is hard. they are so confusing. it is a third stuff about how satin has everyone in his hands, a third about people they met, and a third about their church. we tried to get to a lady that lives in the same complex as a high guy and he said first his woman then his cousin then his mom, then said there isn't anyone who lives there. it is a hard life...

if you didn't know, Sorocoba, where i am is one of the richest cities in the state of Sao Paulo, which is nice because we get good food but also way hard because all you have is a wall and a door to clap at to hope to get their attention. for this reason it is hard to get new investigators. 
its kinda funny because it is usually like 35 C here and the other morning it was like 20 C and it felt super cold i am turning into you mommie.

we were trying to find this lady that lived behind another house and she sounds super cool and has great potential but the only problem is the person in front always gets the door and she hates Mormons. she wont get the lady in back. so one of these days we are just going to camp out in front of her house. no jk but i don't know how to get to her, it is super annoying.

we have two way awesome investigators, Recardo and Kelly. the only problem is they work every other day so it is hard to get them to church. but the lessons with them are so perfect i love teaching them it makes me so happy. it is weird when i teach i am just so happy and also i don't really notice the spirit with me when i am teaching but after i think back and i realize how crazy strong it really was.
we also have an inactive family we are working with. last night we had FHE with them and it went super well the dad thanked us in private and told us he would clean up his act and become more dedicated to Christ. i love working with people like him!

there is another member family that we talked to and the dad and mom were just so mean the whole time but i looked at the son and just felt he is the reason we are here. i asked if he could let us out at the gate and he did and we had one of the most spiritual experiences i can remember with him. we now meet with him at the house of a member that lives close by. he has such a strong desire to do good. i love how even when we are being yelled at by some crazy drunk dad we still are able to help someone.

it is so weird i will just randomly feel like i need to talk to someone or knock on some door and it is someone in need. for example we were in a hurry but i just felt like i needed to go to this house so we did and it is a guy that i guess was talked to by two other missionaries just a week ago that i have never heard of but they gave them a book of Mormon and our supplies. it is weird because we are the only missionaries in our area so i don't know who talked to him but someone did. he left on a business trip the next day so we told him keep reading and praying. we have an appointment set up with him when he gets back
 december 29th.
it is little things like that that really confirm the truthfulness of what we are doing. how else would i know to talk to this person or knock on this door.

well love you all if you! have a great week.

car of someone living in a homeless shelter

walls and gates make it hard to knock on peoples doors

start of a flood

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