Wednesday, October 29, 2014

mom you would be so proud

first off mom i think you would be so proud of me i hemmed my pants the other day and they just look fantastic, so be proud. i have noticed that companions help prepare you for a wife more then you would expect they teach you to wait for ever even when you are already late...

they have this passion fruit drink here that is sooooo good but it is kinda bad to drink a lot of it because it makes you super sleepy so after dinner it is really hard to stay awake. i am always tired here in the mtc it is crazy and annoying. oh random thought the napkins here at the ctm are waterproof it is so retarded. we set a drop of water on it and 10 minutes later it was still there. they are the most useless things ever, oh wait i do use them to take notes sometimes so i guess not totally useless. our teacher was trying to tell us that Brazilians are a lot touchier then Americans and he explained this with relationships saying that they just go at it makin out hard in public all the time and the only reason he hasn't yet is because he doesn't have a girlfriend. oh if you decide to ever send me a package put pics of jesus and mary all over it or it won't make it and it takes about 6 weeks to get to me from the US.

ok proselyting on Friday was one of the best experiences ever. it was so cool. first off the city, i have seen nothing ever like it, it was sooo big and people just everywhere. there was an opera house about as big as a football stadium and the buildings are just so beautiful and so different. people in Brazil are so nice when i was trying to talk to people who knew nothing about the gospel they worked with me and helped my English. it was so fun and way easier then i thought it would be. on the bus ride there i was holding on for dear life they don't slow down at all for corners and they slam on breaks they are so crazy and there is of course no where to sit so i do this all holding on to a pole. the city we went in had so many gay people. their new president just got elected and she is way pro gay so everyone was celebrating that. we also saw some prostitutes, that was a first for me and i saw a deal go down that was very exciting. magazine stands here are the devil they are everywhere and i swear they don't have any magazines that aren't playboys. i didn't look hard enough to really tell though. we talked to one guy in the city that was an old Mormon and he was just pissed to talk to us but it was a good experience. of the 7 that we talked to and 4 that we gave BOM's to i really think this one guy is actually interested we even got his contact info and that is my part of the city so that is way cool i told him i would call him in 3 weeks. this week i learned there is no santa in a lesson about faith so that is a disappointment. here i was for the last 18 years living a life of lies...

oh fun fact i got made district leader, yeah that is cool i now have a few more responsibilities but i love it i am excited for that. my roommates that i got, left yesterday so that is sad but i should get more today. as of yesterday there are only 78 missionaries in the whole CTM but we get 130 new ones today so i am excited for that. overall things are great here in the CTM i am excited to leave but also way nervous so mixed feelings but i will do fine.

bye love you all

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