Monday, February 2, 2015


Man this last week was awesome! Sorry for the last couple weeks I was being a bummer, having bad weeks just happens, I just need to learn from them.
Me with singer at pizza place

So I just found out that the drought that we are having is far from over and they only estimate having 6 more months worth unless they get like a ton of rain every day here soon, so that is exciting we will see what happens because rain season is going to end here soon. 

This last week was just crazy running all over the place in our area. On Thursday,  Wednesday and Friday we were doing interviews all day. I think that my companion had like 20 interviews total! It threw a wrench in our area but it is awesome that that many people are getting prepared for baptism. During the interviews me and the sisters would usually teach the other part of the family or practice Portuguese. It is really weird teaching with sisters, it just feels wrong. On Tuesday me and my companion were super sick with the cold and some bad food. We stayed home for that day in fear of having something hit when we were out on the street... This stupid cold won´t go away so that´s super annoying but oh well, such is life. I think we only taught a total of 5 lessons this last week and one family was just awesome. They knew we were super busy so they met us in the other area and we taught them. They were super afraid to get baptized and didn´t know if it was true and we had like an hour talk and I said listen right now you may not have a testimony of these things but do you trust us? They said yes and I promised that it was true and they could just borrow my testimony for a little while. That didn´t work at all. They said they knew it was true just didn´t feel like they needed baptism. I promised them that when they got baptised they would feel it is right and if they didn´t I would take off my name tag and go home because i don´t want to serve a false mission. That worked and they both got baptised. To keep a long story short I am coming home sorry... No just kidding Suzana said I had to baptise her and after she came out of the water she was crying. She told me I can stay on my mission!

 oh sorry their names are Suzana and Robson. we have been teaching them for about 5 weeks and they are just super cool.

after baptism pizza party!
after i took the pic the flash was super bright
 so everyone looked over at me a little awkward....
After their baptism they took us and a member family to a pizza place, man it was so fun and there was a guy singing there and we asked if he knew any religious music to play and he said yes. It was just super fun! I got a pic with the singer at the pizza place and told him thanks, my mom said i needed to take more pics. He laughed and said tell her, your welcome.

Sunday I was told that i wasn´t getting transferred but i was getting a new companion, I was a little sad but also happy. Just about 2 hours ago today president called and told me I am being transferred. I don´t know to what area all i know is it is one of them that goes to the ward of the church mission office building (In Sao Paulo). That is exciting. I am a little nervous to not be training anymore I feel like I don´t know anything yet but I guess I will do fine. I just need faith and to keep learning and practicing.
That´s all for this week.
Love you all!

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