Monday, February 16, 2015


A pic my companion got. I would say it´s profile pic worthy

 Man another p-day. It just feels like yesterday when I had p-day, how strange.
Yesterday I found out that we have an old 70 in our ward. I don´t remember his name and won´t so just don´t ask. We had a couple investigators that came to church yesterday and he just gave a talk of power. Man his words just bring the spirit like none other!
This last week I had a little extra time on my hands and I re-wired our bathroom, so now I can see when I shower! Man I think it was a bad idea though because once I got a light I realized how dirty the bathroom is. Don´t worry mom I cleaned it. 


The reason I had some extra time was as follows. One beautiful day here in the state of São paulo we were walking to lunch. We need to cross the street and this road is really busy so we usually have to wait a while. A bus comes and stops right behind us and my companion forgetting that Brazilian drivers don´t stop when a bus is in the middle of the road took it as an opportunity to run across the road... I should say try to run across the road. Right once he gets past the front of the bus wham gets hit by a car going around 35kph man he just got up and stood in the other lane and said sorry then almost got hit again. Luckily nothing was broke as far as we know but we didn´t tell anyone because we don´t want to get in trouble. and it is a little embarrassing. Once we got out of lunch he decided he can´t walk so we went home and took the day off. That was a different experience I am hoping I never have to experience the other end of it.
Ok now for an awkward and scary story. We had lunch with a super nice super old lady this last week. Her daughter was there and she is crazy. Her mom told us that her daughter hates it when she talks. Long story short she picked up a butter knife and threatened to kill her we were able to have her put the knife down and as soon as she did i took it and put it in my shirt. don´t ask me why there it was just easy and I was a little scared i would have to use my first aid skills ( if I still remember them). It was crazy we told them we can´t eat there any more.

Ok now I am done with all the crazy fun stories now so now is the spiritual stuff.
This last week we just had a ton of miracles. Our president came to our zone conference and promised us that if we were 100% obedient we would have a ton of miracles. Man it was weird we always find people in the weirdest way. We went to the area book and looked for a person he wasn´t there so we went to the drug gang street place to look for him and his family and him moved there. They were not super interested just wanted to joke around, they gave us a name of a person to visit and man this person is awesome already been to church a bunch and now feels ready to be baptized. Man missions are crazy awesome! I wouldn´t trade this for anything else!

Love you all! goodbye for now
Amigos da casa!
 the other people in my house are Elder Olivera and Elder Abregu and yes i love them
(Don't you just love the condition of their couch!)

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