Monday, February 9, 2015

transferred to Cantareira

I like coco

So I wrote a bunch of stuff in my planner to write you guys but I forgot it at home so sorry about that.
This last week I got transferred to the area Cantareira. This area is super cool! There is a forest area around our area so that is super exciting! Our new house is super nice except for the floor tiles are all loose and whenever you walk they get kicked out of place. Oh and our one and only bathroom that we share between us four, the light doesn´t work and can´t be fixed have you ever showered and shaved in the dark, it´s not easy for me. Oh yeah and there is a lady that likes to stare at us through a window so we have to close it whenever we change. This place also I guess the water just shuts off a lot so we have like 50 bottles of water to shower with when that happens. Other then that this house is wonderful... The mission is looking for a new house for us though so it is all good. 
my new area! it is so dang cool looking!

yes I am transferred I am in the area Cantareira (it always makes me laugh when I think how you guys pronounce Portuguese words)
This new area, me and my companion Elder Zenteno, are both new to the area so I get lost sometimes. We are working a lot with less active members and people in the area book. This last week we didn´t meet a ton of awesome people but we were just kinda getting familiar to the area. This next week we should get a bunch of new people. We found a street that is super ghetto that I think has a lot of potential. 
Sorry I don´t have a lot to say this week 
Love you all,
  Elder Messick
some ugly animal i found

some weird Brazilian bird
I can not drink the water here and that sucks because the natives just do anyways so when they give you water you just have to drink it. I usually say a quick prayer first.

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