Monday, February 23, 2015

This last week was so awesome! Man it was just one miracle after another

Elder Zenteno and Elder Messick

Oi família tudo bem? é vou fazer meo e mail em portuguese ojé. Eu não sei por que eu quero. mas eu acho que eu não posso escrever tudo correto então eu vou em inglês.

well this week I just am not going to write an email so haha (just kidding)

This last week was so awesome! Man it was just one miracle after another. It is starting to get a little hard to speak a couple things in English which makes me super happy! OK that was random if my English teacher read this he would be like wow elder Messick this paragraph was just all over the place, F for you. Then I would have to re-write everything and have my genius mother check it all and she would probably just re-write it all when I wasn´t looking knowing that I am too lazy to re-read through it and i would turn it in and get an A. Man I am not excited for English class in 2 years. 

de irma cleide

OK sorry about that, these e mails are just all over the place, I blame it on not having any more clean water in our house so I haven´t drank a ton today. OK back to this last week being super super really freaking good  (he he he movie quote). So we and the last 2 duplas of elders have been teaching this lady named Cleide she was ready for baptism and everything she was just scared so we just kinda made her get in the water using the holy ghost. He really knows what he is doing, I wish I could teach as good as the holy ghost does. 

de irmá Gene

This other lady Gene we found last week looking for another family, the lord just guides us wherever we need to go it´s crazy!, anyways we found her instead. She told us she was praying for help because she felt like the church she was in wasn´t all right and the 2nd visit with her she said I love your church, what do I have to do to get baptized. Man that was just awesome. The next lesson she told us she stopped drinking coffee before we even talked about it she just felt it was bad for her. She invited her daughter and son to hear us as well and her daughter works in the company that makes our missionary material and told us she wants to serve a mission! 

 de Irmão Vagner

The third person is a man named Vagner his whole family are members just him and we found them by walking into a dangerous area and his wife said you shouldn´t be here and said to come talk to her family. He talked to us the first visit for like 1 hour and we couldn´t say anything because he was talking so much but then out of the blue he said look I have talked to missionaries before I know all of your churches rules I know you are about to mark a date to baptize me and whatever it is I will accept it. He said right when we stepped in the door he heard these are the elders that will baptize you. 

Man The only bad thing about this last week was now I don´t know if I will ever be able to have a week better then this one! I now call the white hand book the book of blessings because that is what it is. It is like a formula on how to get miracles. I love you all and hope you all have a super great week!

oh another good thing that happened this last week was we got a bishop!!! he is so stressed out he doesn´t really want to be bishop but here his is. I hope he will be good we will try and help him get started
Aren´t we just so cute!

how I spent my p-day today

OHH how pretty

house in Cantareira


room I know I didn´t make my bed for the picture sorry I just still don´t see a point in doing that

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