Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello Northern America

Hello Northern America, how are you all up in the heat of summer. I am finally happy to say that I have stopped sweating. I think is the first time in like 9 months. I feel like super weird, now when I drink water I actually have to use the bathroom. Before I just drank like 2 liters of water and it just disappeared. 

Today has been a really cool day. I feel like me and my companion today really connected, we have been having a lot of fun with some nerf guns that my sister sent for me. Today we also made an amazing lunch for only R$21 so that was super cheap. I feel like when I get home from my mission I will be able to live on $100 for like a month.

This last week was super cool. Remember that kid Anderson that we baptized this last week yeah well we have been working a ton with him lately and he is helping a ton. He has been talking to all of his friends and telling them all about how cool the church is and that they need to go to church with him. I feel a little bad because all of the parents of these kids are druggies and their brains are just broken but I feel like these kids are like the army of Helaman. There was 5 of his friends that went to church this last week and one that was baptized. The one that was baptized, her name is Bianca. 

So with that baptism happened a mess. So our ward mission leader is very old and forgets everything. So he turned on the water to fill up the font but left it on after the baptism and we thought that it was already off so we didn´t turn it off. Well long story short it was left on for the whole night and half of the church was flooded. So mom I will be needing you to send about 200 dollars for repairs. No Jk but we got a call Sunday morning at about 5 from our bishop saying it flooded so we went super early to clean up. The only part we weren´t able to get was the sacrament room because it has carpet there. We took everything out after church was over and bishop will get some company to come and dry the carpet. It was super exciting... It is the 7th time this has happened in this ward I guess but this time was the worst because it was over night. Yeah lets just say the ward wasn´t very happy with us this last week, I think we will get some poison in our food for lunch...

Well that was my adventure this last week I will talk to ya all this next week.

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