Monday, June 22, 2015

ultima semana

Last weeks baptism of Bianca. I forgot to send the pic

Hey everybody, it has been an amazing week, don't get me wrong it has it's ups and downs just as every week does, but i swear that every week in the mission is better and "da da da da da i am lovin it"! (McDonalds) I decided to site that so McDonalds doesn´t sue me. 

This last week, like many, was very tiring, but in a good way. It´s a good feeling to come home dead knowing that you gave it your 100% just exhausted wanting to sleep. It makes me feel like I am not wasting my service to God.

So this last week we have been trying to really trying to teach the parents of all the people that has kids that have been baptized. We from this found a family that is super cool and all were supposed to be baptized but the mom the morning of Sunday had a super big fever so she went to the hospital. Man it sucks how Satin tries to block everything. We did though without her, as she requested baptized her 2 kids Kevin and Nicole. We also have been teaching the mom of our recent convert, Anderson, but she has a huge problem with drinking. She wakes up every morning with a hang over but she did as she promised and at least brought Anderson to church and then picked him up after. 

We have got a really good system going where at night we teach all of the people that are progressing and in the morning and afternoon we just focus on finding news. We find so many news that we made a filter system and only keep the ones that go to church and if they don´t we just leave them with the address of the church and a Book of Mormon. I know that that may seem a little harsh but to be honest we don´t have time to teach people that aren´t ready for the gospel because there is so many other people that are already prepared.

well love you all and have a nice week and remember to talk to everyone and always be worthy and ready to talk about the Gospel!

Kevin and Nicole

the picture my companion took by surprise

My companiero and I being hot

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