Monday, June 8, 2015

This last week was pretty neat

cool pic my comp took of part of our area

our baptisms and the enormous family that came with the little girl
Well this last week was pretty normal. sorry this email won´t be very exciting, if you want you can just wait until next week and it may be better. In our area we are having a lot of trouble finding new investigators. We have a bunch of investigators but only a few that are progressing.

We with one family that was super bummy, we found another family that I guess the missionaries taught a bunch in the past but just all of a sudden just stopped teaching them. So we went there and the boy, when we talked about baptism, got super excited and wanted to be baptized. He was baptized this last Sunday and his brothers and cousin I believe will be ready this next week. 

Last Sunday at our other baptisms we had a little girl that has been going to church for a long time come up to us and say when will I be baptized. She is 8 years old but only her sister is a member so we went to her house taught her and her family the lessons and she was baptized this last Sunday and her whole family went to church with her so that was super good. 

We had a guy named Paulo Cesar that was super cool. He is one of those investigators that is super cool but never progresses. We this last week kinda gave him his last chance to go to chruch or be dropped. He wouldn´t go to church because he said he was tired so we decided to drop him. Man that is the worst part on the mission dropping people that you really like but aren´t progressing.

The Work of the Lord is amazing!

I love you all!!! 

Thanks Shari me and my comp have competitions with these guns.
It´s a great way to pass the time at night.

new apartment

yeah it is bad all the dirtyness just won´t leave, today we tried to scrub it but it is just stained in

my last comp finally emailed the photo of our last baptism togeather. We oficialy baptised that entire family! 
If I come back to visit Brazil I will be staying with this family. I love this family

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