Monday, June 1, 2015

man the mission is awesome

This last week was crazy we were kinda running all over the place because I didn´t know the area and my comp is super new to the mission. I feel like president put me training so that I will be forced to learn how to teach like crazy! In just in this one week have learned and improved more than I have in my whole mission. It is a little quiet living with just 2 people I feel like this is good for me though so I can learn to keep a conversation going. I feel like after the mission the only thing I will talk about is my mission and everyone will think I am super annoying but oh well just deal with it!

In this new area I came here and most of our investigators were super bummy so we kinda got rid of a bunch. This area we don´t have a ton of investigators yet so we are finding like crazy! We found one lady that has the name of Suely and she liked us a lot. She had a huge problem with smoking and wanted to quit so she gave us all of her cigarettes and then the next day we passed there and she yelled at us and called us the devil and that she will never stop smoking. I was pretty confused not going to lie. So yeah we dropped her but got a ton of cigarettes out of it so yeah oh wait we don´t smoke oh yeah so we got nothing out of it. We had a fun time destroying all of the cigarettes. To do that we thought the most logical way would be to make a huge fire and burn them all but for some reason that just didn´t feel right so we just broke them all. 

destruction of cigarettes

We have a area here that a bunch of people illegally built houses on a land that is owned by a company and it is now like a little city there that is super poor. We had a lot of people living there that we were teaching but now the owner of that area is wanting his land back so the entire police squad went there and it was pretty much a huge war between the drug lords and the police. So something tells me that it isn´t that great of an idea to work over there for now. I will send pics of that area it is pretty cool.

our 2 baptisms of Tiago and Danielie
Tiago is a guy that travels a ton for his work and the missionaries have been trying to get him for ever so we did a devision and waited for him to get home, did the interview and baptized him like 1 hour after he got off the plane haha. Dany is a person that has been going to church for ever and I was like hey why aren´t you baptized yet she said oh I don´t know, don´t feel ready. Read the story of the 3000 that were baptized in the same day they were taught in the bible and said hmm did these people prepare a lot? no we are baptized because God commanded it not because we want to.

Tiago and Danielie

this is Alisson. I know you think that is a girls name, but here oh yeah it´s a girls name here as well. I think his parents are crazy.... no but this kid is super cool he was the only one in his family who wasn´t baptized and we went over there gave a lesson of fire did his interview and he was baptized. It was very spiritual after the baptism I walked into the bathroom where he was changing and he was kneeling, praying, thanking the lord for his wonderful family. Man that kid is awesome!


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