Monday, December 7, 2015

Halls in your mouth

Me on top of an ant hill

This last week we were doing a ton of finding to try and get more people for our teaching group. 

We saw a bunch of teenagers playing soccer in the street on Monday and went and joked around with them for like 5 minutes and then I had a kinda cool experience, we asked them if we could share a message with them real quick and they all went and sat down and I felt like a teacher. there were so many teens it was cool, I have never taught that many people at once. The majority of them didn't want anything, but one was elect. It is cool how the spirit tells you who actually wants to hear your message and will actually progress. This kids name is Moises and we got his address and went and taught his family, his mom´s name is Sandra and his sister's name is Sarah and there are two other baby girls but I don´t remember their names. They are super cool. The mom said that she had been praying for more peace and when we taught her it was the first time in a super long time that she had felt real peace. 

We started a new phrase to help our zone to stay excited working in the hot sun. We say "smile on your face, Halls in your mouth, Book of Mormon in your hand, and fire in your bones" so whenever people are feeling tired they put one of those candies Halls in their mouth to make them excited again and it is funny how well it has been working. People are calling us and saying Elder I was feeling super down so I put a Halls in my mouth and found a family of 4! It is funny how a little phrase and Halls makes everyone excited to work. I feel like the company that makes Halls should pay me for making so many people buy Halls now. Everyone is carrying Halls now it is super funny. I even told a couple people in a ward about it and on Sunday they pulled out a package of Halls and said the phrase. Ha ha it is funny how a stupid small thing like Halls can make a huge difference. So remember, if you are feeling down just stick a Halls in your mouth. 

So we had the baptism of a kid named Douglas this last Sunday. He was the only one that wasn´t baptized in his family but finally he decided to take the big step. His baptismal service was super spiritual, his mom went up there to give a talk and she said "I don´t get it, I always tell you to go to church with us and you never went, even once, then these elders come and you go to church and the next week you get baptized." it was funny but it broke the spirit. We had the idea to plan out how his baptism would go, like who would say the first pray what song and so on. That worked out so well as we were filling it out the whole time he would say I want him to pray but I am not getting baptized, then I want him to give a message but I won´t get baptized. We left the paper with him and he just got so excited about his baptism, it was a super cool experience!

Well that´s all I got to say for this week I hope this email is long enough for you mom. 

-Elder Messick

Douglas' baptism

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