Monday, December 14, 2015

it was like missionary matrix

This last week I was able to learn a bunch. We have been teaching this family of 3 (Sandra, Moises, and Sarah) this last couple weeks and this Sunday was supposed to be their baptism. On Saturday they were super excited but then after we left Satin had their parents call them and they talked about the baptism and then their parents told them how bad our church is and how bad of an idea that would be to get baptized! UGHHH I am so sad! We are going to do a family home evening with them tonight and I hope it will help out! Yesterday we were getting super stressed because nothing was working out and we were at that point where we just wanted to call it a day and go home. We didn´t do that and the Lord blessed us. We did a street contact with a kid that has 9 years and he brought us to his house and they have a family of 8, 6 of which have the age to be baptized! The spirit told me "just imagine if you would have given up" It was a good slap on the head for me to wake up. 

Oh funny story we were doing contacts and we did a contact with this girl that has about 20 years. Before I knew it she started to lean in and kiss me and I feel like it was like missionary matrix how I dodged it. It was a close one... We explained to her that we are missionaries and we can´t and she was ok so when you go home just take me with you and then before I knew it there she goes again trying to kiss me. At that point we just said to her peace out! (crazy woman!) As we were walking away she said "I will see you at church on Sunday. We will see if goes this Sunday...

Ok one more quick story so we found this Haitian guy and we went to talk to him and here in Brazil you say você é o cara which mean you are the face. Doesn´t make any sense in English but it is a good thing meaning you are super cool. so anyways I said that to him and I guess for Haitians it means you are the faggot. Yeah he gave me a super weird look because he only has been here in Brazil for like 3 months so he hadn´t heard that yet and he looked mad. I said sorry but I was super confused then his friend started laughing because he has been here in Brazil for a year and he explained to his friend that is was a good thing and explained to me that I shouldn´t say that anymore to Haitians...  I got pretty embarrassed.

Well that´s all, Love you all.

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