Monday, December 28, 2015

Rain rain go away come again another day...

It is funny every day in the morning before lunch it is sunny with a nice little wind then after lunch the sun turns up to 100% until about 18:00hrs when it starts raining then at about 21:00hrs it gets cold. It is ridiculous, it happens like this every day. 

Christmas was cool I was able to talk to my family but it was strange, it would seem like I would have a lot to say because I haven´t seen them for so long but after 5 minutes I didn´t have anything else to say. I was so excited to talk to them but then I had nothing to say...weird. My mom said I have an accent so that is cool I have always wanted to have an accent. 

Skyping with Cameron

So this last Sunday was super cool Gilson got confirmed a member of the church! His boss and a couple of the people he works with went but not as much as I was expecting... After Church his boss did a churrasco and invited us so I ate a TON of meat and umm it was good! I love Gilson he has the missionary vision, he justs wants to share the gospel with everyone! We talked to the bishop to give him a calling I think he might be the assistant to our ward mission leader that would be cool, he would love doing that!

Well that´s all I got for now love you all

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