Monday, January 11, 2016

Full of miracles



This last week was full of miracles. 
So remember that one big family we were teaching? yeah so we went there this last Monday and the dad of the family said we couldn't pass there anymore and I got super sad. On Thursday we were passing close to their house and Mateus stopped us and said, hey I still want to go to church and be baptized, I know my dad doesn't want me to but I know it is the right choice. So on Sunday, there he was at church. 
This last week we also found a bunch of sweet new investigators and a bunch of them went to church. 
The lord is blessing us so much these last couple of weeks. 
Man my emails are getting shorter and shorter every time. I think here in 6 months I will probably just send an email saying, "hey I am alive, love you all" 
no just kidding, if I do that I think that my mom will kill me. 
Well I love you all 
Conselho de Liderança1

Reunião de Conselho

da Zona Trujillo

Conselho de Liderança

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