Monday, January 25, 2016

On this weeks episode

On the last episode of "The mission of Elder Messick

We are teaching this amazing family of 3 people named Adriana, Mariana, and Leticia. I love teaching this family they are so cool. This last Sunday they went to church and I loved it! It is super funny whenever we go to their house she is always making food for us for when we get there, I will get fat if I go there too much because she cooks super well.........

On this weeks episode: Baptism! Ice cold water! Blazing hot sun! A RIPPED SHIRT!

Letisia and Mariana!
First things first that family Mariana and Leticia were baptized! Adriana isn´t ready yet but she is super special and I know that her day will come. The baptismal service was super cool, there were a ton of people there to watch! It was super spiritual! 

Our shower head the secretaries said they won´t fix because we will be moving houses soon so it will be a waste of money, so I will be taking freezing cold showers at 6:30 for the next few weeks... 😱

Yup the sun is super hot, I am dripping sweat here in the lan house using the computer here in the shade! It is so hot.☀☀I am getting black and when I look at my legs it hurts my eyes because of how white they are. 

Yep I ripped my first shirt, I was walking on the street and a nail was sticking out of the wall (normal here) and I didn´t see it and my right sleeve ripped open. The best part was is I was in another area doing a division so I didn´t have any other shirts with me😓.

We had a couple of investigators that went to church this last week, we had Wesley, Glenda, Igor, Gabriele, and Lucas, it was a pretty good week!

Tune in on next weeks episode to see if: Wesley, Glenda, Igor, Gabriele, or Lucas will be ready for baptism? Is the sun still hot? And MUCH MUCH MORE! only on the 

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