Monday, January 18, 2016



Everything is great here in Brazil, the days are either super hot or super rainy. 

I am really liking this ward a ton, they really help out with our recent converts. 

Gilson is doing great he is inviting all of his friends to church, because of him there are going to be a ton of people that enter into the church, 

we are preparing to go to the temple with the recent converts on the 30th and it will be super awesome! 

Mateus is also doing great. He is the only person that goes to church in his family but I believe that with time because of his example the rest of his family will start going to church as well. He got the priesthood this last Sunday so that was super exciting! A member named Monica is helping out a ton with him, she is sending messages to him and making him read the book of Mormon every night and to say his prayers. 

This last week we were looking for a referral we received and some lady yelled at us to come here, so we did. We were talking to her and it turns out she is a member of the church but she doesn´t go anymore but she said she wants to return to the church. She lives with her boyfriend and her daughter that aren´t members. 

We have been teaching a young man named Clayton for a while now and this last week was his baptism! His baptism was super cool but the heater for the water broke so the water was super cold! The water was draining slowly which we didn´t know, so we filled it up early then when we were getting into the water I was, dang this water is super low. Because of that the first time he didn´t go all the way under the water, his toe came out, so he was baptized 2 times in the freezing cold water. His dad would never listen to the lessons before but he went to church for his sons baptism and he loved church! I think now he will let us teach him!

We are teaching this amazing family of 3 people named Adriana, Mariana, and Leticia. I love teaching this family they are so cool. This last Sunday they went to church and I loved it! It is super funny whenever we go to their house she is always making food for us for when we get there, I will get fat if I go there too much because she cooks super well!

Well I think this is the longest letter that I have ever written I hope you are happy with me mom.
-Elder Messick

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