Monday, May 23, 2016

Wow this week was crazy!

I didn´t like this fruit very much, it is called cajú, the juice is good but the fruit I didn´t like much
me and my companion went to the airport to go and
 drop off an elder that went home early, It was crazy

Wow this week was crazy! So one of great friends from our zone went home this last week a member came to pick him up at 4:00 and his plane was leaving at 9:00. When he got to the mission home at about 5:30 they called me telling me that his passport was in our house!!! We were super far away, so we ran to our house and ran to get the train. We met him and helped him with his suitcases to run to the airport. We got there at like 8:15. luckily they let him on. It was super crazy going to the air port, I didn't like it, it made going home here in 4 months feel a lot more real! AHHH, normal life is so hard to picture!

So there was another elder that was having some problems with a girl on the mission so it looks like I get to baby sit again...yeah...but I think God is teaching me a lot of patience. 

Julia and her family


domingo tivemos mais 2 batismos de julia e 
 This week was super great for us Julia, is a daughter of 2 less active members. I love their family so much, they are so cool. Their dad loves hunting and guns so we decided that he will come to the US to go hunting with me some day! Silvestre is a guy, that has been going to church for a while now. that we have been teaching and this Sunday was his baptism. He was always kinda sad before but after his baptism we visited him and he was a new person! 

Sabado tivemos o Batismo de Alifer e Jackie

It is amazing how a simple ordnance with the Lord makes such big changes in the lives of others. It has been a huge testimony builder to see how much the things of the lord effect our lives and also if we avoid things of the Lord how much people suffer! We always have to re-remind ourselves of the promises that we made with the Lord so that he will be able to bless us!

So yup that´s all I have for today, love you all and remember the lord can only bless you when you keep the promises you have made with him!


Look at how you enter into this house #casasnobrasil
the floating man that always asks for money

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